Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amway - What Has Changed In 15 Years?

If I'm not mistaken, Amway was booming in the mid 90's. Their sales had hit a new high of around 7 billion at that time. Recruitment was up and there seemed to be new diamonds and emeralds popping up all over the US. I joined the Amway business around 1997-1998 and the wave was still going. I later quit, discovered the lies and fraud that was used to entice me to join and eventually became an advocate for the truth about the AMOs and some of the AMO leaders.

One of the things used by Amway defenders is that the experience of people who are critical of Amway are invalid because the experience may be dated, or because some people who are critical of Amway have never actually been IBOs. I don't buy that argument because you can be quite knowledgeable about certain things without having done them. I know that I would not put my hand on a hot stove because my hand would get burned. Even if I have never burned my hand on a stove before, I know this. Or if I burned my hand on a stove 15 years ago, would my experience be different if I put my hand on a hot stove now? Unlikely.

Yes, the Amway business has undergone some changes over the years. Most groups do not use the call in an pickup method of product movement, although my understanding is that some groups still do this for standing orders and other tools. There is accreditation which may have helped, but even with this, there is evidence of unethical practices going on, just that these issues are going on on small meetings rather than taped functions. Many groups stil focus on recruiting new IBOs and not on selling products for a profit. Many groups still focus on selling their downline tools and not ensuring profitability for new IBOs.

My former group, WWDB, apparently still has many of the leaders who were present when I was an IBO. There have been very few new diamonds in the last 15 years or so, relative to the number of IBOs that have come and gone. The lies and deception by the upline leaders were never acoounted for. They have been exposed as basiacally frauds. Leaders who taught "pay by cash only" are found to have debts they cannot pay. leaders who swore that Amway saved marriages are getting divorced. Those who swore that tools were the key to success have little or no success to show for all the tools they sold.

What has changed in the Amway business in the last 15 years other than a name change to Quixtar? Not much when you look at the big picture. The masses are still losing their asses today.


Anonymous said...

I love reading this stuff! I'm an IBO and can thank the Amway oppurtunity for my financial freedom after 13 months. The only people that worry about this stuff is people not putting in the work to grow. I got a return of 4700 and bonuses of over 120 000 in my first 14 months !

Joecool said...

Apparently lying and bullshitting hasn't changed in all these years. Thanks for the giggles though. LOL

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 5:00 PM --

You're a lying piece of shit. Tell us your name, where you live, who your immediate up-line is, what LOS you are in, and how exactly you made over 120,000 dollars in your first year in Amway.

You're not an Independent Business Owner. You're an Imbecilic Bullshitting Oaf.