Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amway - Put It In Writing?

Here's something that IBOs can use when they see upline leaders making claims and guarantees of sorts about the system. Ask them to put it in writing and to ask what they are guaranteeing? It's easy to stand on stage and say the business is simple or a piece of cake. That buying tools and attending functions nearly assures success. Ask your sponsor or upline what exactly you will receive if you do what they advise and the results are not there?

Uplines will always use an out - that you did not do everything exactly and precisely as they advised, therefore any failure is your own fault. I find it humorous because these leaders are quick to take credit if they see any downline success. It's like playing a game of heads I win, tails you lose. The upline always has a built in excuse. This wouldn't be so evil if they uplines weren't making their fortunes out of the sale of tools and functions.

In fact, speaking of writing, have you ever seen a formal tools contract indicating how you qualify for and the compensation that will be received when you qualify? Why do platinums, as far as I know, get only a cut of the standing orders and not anything else? Why are some of these issues such dark secrets? It's like the legend of Sasquatch. Many have heard about it, some have claimed to have seen it, but there's no bonafide evidence of it's existence.

Amway supporters like IBOFB (David Steadson) decry my blog because it may deter people from joining Amway. But at the same time, who's held accountable to people who were deceived or lied to about Amway and joined only to lose money, regardless of the amount of effort they expended. As an example, my former sponsor spent over 17 years in the business hard core. I wonder what kinds of losses he suffered as a result of his hard work and sacrifices? He was involved before I was and back then, WWDB leaders completely lied and denied that there were any tool profits.

Upline making incredible claims? Ask for their guarantees and assurances in writing. But you won't get any.


Lucifer said...

Awesome post Joecool! I love your blog, it is a very informative resource for anyone seeking information on Amway!

Joecool said...

Thanks! How's the weather in Sacrborough Canada?

You still masturbating behind the tool shed out there?

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