Monday, March 28, 2011

There's No PV In Watching TV?

One of the things our upline constantly taught us was there is no PV in TV. They advised the group tp avoid Television, the newspapers, and other forms of media. This cult-like tactic was apprently their way of having us avoid any negatives that could affect our thinking. As if IBOs didn't need to learn of any news. IBOs don't need to learn about issues, afterall, your upline will tell you what to do and how to vote. Looking back, you gotta wonder how in the world your upline would know what was going on in the world if they were following their own advice?

It is true that there's no gain in PV for watching the televsion, but then again, IBOs engage in many things that doesn't result in gaining PV. Attending a function, or listening to a standing order doesn't get you any PV either. Hanging out with your upline or attending a night owl doesn't get you PV. If PV was the priority of IBOs, they should be pounding pavement selling products or making contacts with potential buyers. Instead some groups teach that selling is not required or the famous "buy from yourself" technique of running a business.

In fact, IBOs spend so much time in non income producing activities, it's no wonder that most IBOs end up with a net loss after business expenses are considered. What's worse, IBOs run their businesses on the internet but in most cases, it's against Amway rules to advertise their products on websites such as ebay or craigslist. Instead, IBOs employ the least efficient means of working their business. Person to person, one person at a time. For many, the only way to increase PV volume is to sponsor downline. Even many IBOs who emphasize selling, seem to rarely have more than a handful of regular customers. But what can you expect when your means of increasing business is person to person, one at a time? There's a reason why advertising during the superbowl has a heavy price, because tens or hundreds of millions of people see your message all at the same time. IBOs go person to person, one at a time.


Anonymous said...

just plain STUPID!

Anonymous said...

Egads! We heard the 'no PV in TV' as far back as 1995!!! We felt terribly guilty for watching any TV ever. Never heard of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' until long after its run was over; not that that show is the 'end-all,' just that we were very careful to avoid the tube.

But you are so right when you say so much of what you do for your amway biz produces no pv. ha! That's too funny. We worked our retail biz consistently but the one-at-a-time method is extremely time consuming and exhausting - never mind delivering all that crap. Can you just see today's young generation doing all that we did? Good luck getting them to deliver anything, let alone, track all the paperworkthat goes with it. We used to have frequent buyer cards, coupons, etc. We would let them use any coupon they had for any like product. That's how it was taught. I called every customer every month like clockwork to get those orders.

Name any big store doing it this way and I'll show you one you'v never heard of.

Wonder if Julie Duncan has ever delivered a product or taken a coupon or punched a frequent buyer card. Most, if not all, diamonds never did what they forced on us. Artistry classes, retail clinics, vitamin clinics, Christmas retail events.

I really believe mlms as we currently know it is on the way out. It is simply a concept whose time and come and gone.