Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Success = Control Of Time And Money?

One of the big things that the speaker hit on when I heard the plan was time and money. He said because of the job, you may have money, but not enough time to do what you enjoy. He went onto say that if you have no job, you may have a lot of time, but you'll be broke and won't be able to do what you enjoy. He also said that controlling time and money is essentially financial freedom. This concept appeals to many and makes sense in the big picture of life. Afterall, who wouldn't want to retire early and have enough cash to travel the world and only do fun things? I certainly agreed with that concept. The only problem was that I initially thought I could achieve this through Amway.

The sad reality is that nearly ever single IBO who registers for the Amway opportunity and the tools system, will never realize this dream. An Amway recruiter may paint a nice picture of how simple the business is, and that you can simply buy products and get others to copy or duplicate you and before you know it, you will be in control of time and money, and live "happily ever after". At one time, I believed it myself. Many others also bought the lie. What's worse, the secret to achieving this was contained in standing orders and functions. Another lie.

The more likely case however, will be that the business, including the system of cd's and functions, will cause you to have less time and money. In general, the Amway (and partner store) products costs more than your local big box retailers, and the cost of the systems add up to at least several hundreds of dollars per month if you are "CORE". Thus ironically, what many seek more of, they end up with less of, because of the business and the related activities. The functions and other educational materials take up valuable time and resources from the IBO and rarely ever results in any kind of significant return on the investment. Most IBOs would be better off never getting involved. In fact, many IBOs would be better off writing a check to their upline for $100 a month and not participating at all.

Time and money, think about it. Are you getting more or less of it because of your involvement in Amway and the systems?


John said...

Eric Scheibeler lamented that he missed out on the most precious decade of his children's lives working like a dog to make Emerald in Amway. The irony, he aptly noted, was that he believed he was sacrificing for them. Twelve years after they broke a kit, the Scheibelers were economically devastated, having peaked at $34,000 annually in net profit, and their kids were grown up, having spent their formative years with baby-sitters or in the back of a van on the way to a function. The most alarming thing is that this story represents success to the 99.9th percentile.

Anonymous said...

I totally wish I would have just written the check and did my own fun things every day instead of being "core". Being "core", all it did was make me a complete weirdo and drain every cent from my bank account. At least if I had written a check to my upline every month for 4 1/2 stinkin years, I would have been able to still do whatever I wanted instead of contacting and showing the stupid plan every day. What a waste of a life!
Former ambot vs ambot??

Wish I never was an ambot!