Monday, June 27, 2011

Amway Makes No Sense?

As an IBO, I was often told how my upline truly wanted my success. That they would always give the best advice possible so that I could succeed. On the surface, there is no other conclusion, especially for new IBOs. By having people succeed with new IBOs moving up, surely the diamond would be happy with more downline success to prove that the system and upline advice works. But I honestly believe that's not the case.

Here is where it can be difficult for prospects and new IBOs to process this train of thought. Because many upline emeralds and diamonds possibly earn more from selling premiere club, standing orders, voicemail. and functions, there is no incentive to ensure that you as a downline, succeeds. Since for many "pins", the real money is in selling the training, the bottom line for these pins is to keep having cutomers, whether they are repeat customers or not is irrelevant. If you can understand this concept, then you can understand that your upline mentors care more about their profits than your success. Toss in the possibility that new emerealds and diamonds could mean less tool money for upline, and you'll see that the best case scenario for an upline is you have you form a group and then quit before you can qualify for a share of the tools income.

This is why there are so many people who are critical of Amway and the Amway "systems". I was outright lied to about the Amway tools. I would guess that hundreds of thousands or more were told the same lies that no pforit was made from tools. Many of the perpetrators are still around, probably telling different versions of lies that they told in the past. While Amway is not a part of the tools system, they were aware of the scheme going on and sat by and watched it happen. While they have made some attempts to reign in the tools kingpins, the attempts, in my opinion, have no teeth and the tools kinpins simply skirt the rules to their advantage.

While a legal explanation might make Amway seem logical and clean, the reality is that the Amway opportunity, when combined with the tools, or teaching (success) systems, the result is a nearly guranteed path to failure and business losses. The math and the real life results prove it. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you.

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