Thursday, June 30, 2011

Humorous Site Visitor Comment?

A comment left on the blog yesterday. My commentary is below:

Anonymous wrote:
So let me ask you this, all the time you people spend bashing amway/quixtar or whatever you want to call it what has it accomplished for you?? Yes I am in Amway. Yes I am an IBO. Do I consider my self an ambot or some other term you people like to call it? nope. If you people got into amway became IBO's were lazy and didn't build your business your own way than I pity you all. You are suckers. You chose to go an spend your money on motivational CD's and Tapes. You chose to follow the poor advise of you got form your upline or you were just plain lazy and couldn't sell, so you quit and decided to place the blame elsewhere besides yourself. I don't see how people think the products are over priced. I find the Vitamins to be less expensive and of better quality then stuff I'd find in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and other such stores. The Cleaning products work great and are much less expensive than the likes of Lysol, 409, Tide, Gain, Pine sol etc etc. The Energy drinks are also pretty damn good vs the likes of sugar loaded crap like Red bull, Monster and other such drinks. So again I say too you what is there to bash? You suck selling easy to market items that is your fault not the business model fault. I don't go to meetings, I don't listen to CD's. When my upline says I should go to a convention or do something I don't want to do I simply say "NO, I'm doing fine with out it" I get my checks every month and I am doing just fine. My business is growing and I couldn't be happier. This whole planet has a problem at placing blame on others instead of living up to your own inequities. Most people can't hack it as IBO's cause they get sucked into the "GET RICH QUICK" idea and forget it's a BUSINESS that you need to invest TIME and ENERGY for it to grow!! Go open a brick and mortar store tomorrow and tell me how you do your first week, month, year. It is just really sad how all I hear is "amway is a scam!" well so is corporate America and 90% of business in general nobody seems to have a problem with Wall Street or the Financial institutions that scamed ohh what 150+ BILLION from the tax payers? wake up people! stop being sheep! think for yourself and stop blaming everyone else for your own stupid mistakes!

Joe's Commentary: Where am I "bashing" AmwayQuixtar"? For the record, I do this as a public service. Since most people lose money chasing the dream as promoted by Amway diamonds, not doing antyhing is usually financially beneficial to most people.

The cleaning products are not necessarily better or cheaper than others. See my article dated 06/29/11 about the consumer reports. The energy drinks such as red bull and monstar come in sugar free varieties so they're not all full of sugar. And they are cheaper than XS drinks.

Notice how the commentator says his business is growing but does not mention a profit. LOL The comment then calls corporate America a scam. So what if it is? It doesn't tale Amway off the hook does it? I got a few good laughs so thanks for the comment.

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joe, this made my day!