Monday, June 6, 2011

Is Amway A J-O-B?

I find it ironic that many diamonds will put down jobs as if you should be embarrassed to have one. They talk about employees being slaves who have to worship an alarm clock and a boss. That your life is so miserable in a job and you will end up broke at the end of your career. They get people to despise their jobs and their boss and offer the Amway opportunity as a solution. Join Amway, 2-5 years of effort and then your job becomes optional, or so they say.

Ironically, the Amway opportunity is basically a job. You sell products and you sell the opportunity to others. That is the key to success according to many LOS's. The flaw is that too many IBOs get fooled into thinking they need to be their own best customer. As an IBO, you are Amway's customer. Anything you purchase results in a profit for Amway, but not necessarily for your business. Have you ever heard of a car salesman buying a new car each month to earn a commission? Or a vacuum cleaner salesman buy a new vaccum each month to increase volume? These concepts sound ridiculous, yet most IBOs run most of their own volume. Some IBOs don't have any customers and end up buying their PV bonus.

While some will argue that they are independent business owners, these nice folks are more like commissioned sales people with no fringe benefits from Amway. Amway has minimal advertising for their products, thus volume moves person to person, and mainly word of mouth. In my opinion, the least efficient means of getting goods to the consumer. When you factor in that the Amway goods are not really cheaper than a retailer like WalMart, you can see why some groups focus on self consumption, because there is no market demand for many of these goods and services, The demand is artificial because the IBOs themselves consume most of the Amway goods and services.

The really damaging aspect of all this is the upline leaders who tout their system of cds, functions, books and voicemail as the key to success. While these materials may have some value, it doesn't equate to success in Amway, and in most cases, the cost of these materials are the reason why so many IBOs end up with a net loss, instead of the extra cash they are seeking. Part of th reason why these materials do not work is because you are dealing with a very inefficient delvery system, coupled with uncompetitive prices (in many cases) and a bad reputation. If the opportunity were "all that", people would be seeking IBOs to sign up instead of IBOs having to lie or trick people into attending recruitment meetings.

Unsuspecting people think the Amway opportunity is a business, but it is more like a job than you think. It is my hope that this article will get you to think about it.


Anonymous said...

dont listen to this jibberish. amway is a great business that when u turn a certain level such as diamond, even if u did nothing, money will be coming to u for free as long as ur position in that level doesnt decrease.that level decreasement depends on how intent u truly believe amway will help ur future.

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