Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Live Better, Save Money

Live better, save money. It's the slogan of WalMart. Save money. It's what many people look to do, whether there's a good or bad economy. WalMart is wildy successful and because of their volume, they are able to squeeze the best prices from the manufacturers anbd pass on the savings to consumers.

It's kind of ironic that Amway's slogan is "So now you know". They've been around for over 50 years and their commercials say "so now you know". What are we supposed to know? I don't know why they went from Amway to Quixtar, then to Amway Global and now back to Amway. The name changes didn't seem to fool anyone and because of some nutty IBOs, the corporate reputation may have gone through the mud again. But in stark contrast to WalMart, Amway manufactures some of their own products. But oddly enough, even these products are not priced to compete with WalMart. I suppose there could be merit to the argument that Amway doesn't truly
care about the best prices for their IBOs and customers because the IBOs are apparently the primary if not the only customers (in some cases) of Amway products.

Walmart says they will match any advertised price. Thus if you wanted to buy say, a bottle of shampoo and you bring in a current printed ad showing a WalMart competitor with a better price, Walmart will sell it to you at that price. Try doing that with an IBO. LOL Seriously, when you compare sales volume and the delivery system of the two companies, Walmart is the present and Amway is in the horse and buggy days. Advertising person to person is one of if not the least efficient means of moving products. I wonder if the Amway executives have evaluated the effectiveness of their "now you know" campaign. I suspect the ads have not made a difference in Amway North America sales. Of course, if there is bonafide evidence to the contrary, I will be glad to post it.

Live better, save money. WalMart rocks!


ExAmbot said...

IBOs to match prices! ha now that is hilarious. not practical tho'.

some kingpins in bww amo used to teach people that they focus on buying p.v. and we should duplicate them if we want residual income. guess what we did and we bought into the lie of buying overpriced stuff! these cult leaders are good at this craft.

now i know to be loyal to my pocket. so most anything else other than amway rocks!

Joecool said...

The bad thing is that the Amway opportunity with the leach "systems" become a drain on people's resources and destroys wealth.

Anonymous said...

Hy Leute ij finde Amway einfaj hamma cool! ij kenn di shon set menem 6 lebnsjar mene mam ud dad arbeten eig nua wenij damit, aba ij find die SCHMINKE einfaj tol☺☺☺☺☺☺☺