Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Money Buys You Options?

One of the things I heard as an IBO was how money may not make you happy but it buys you options. I agree with that, but what is not said is that for 99% (or more) of IBOs, they are likely to have less money because of their involvement in Amway. More specifically, the tools end up being a drain on IBO resources and income, thus the result is a net loss. Factor in the time spent doing the business related activities and the collateral damage can begin to get significant.

I find it somewhat ironic that the reason why many IBOs get involved in Amway is to attain the dream of having more time and money. The time to do anything you want, and the money to be able to do anything you want. This dream however, is like chasing the end of a rainbow. You can see it but it is always out of your reach. Your effort makes no difference, you can never find the end of a rainbow. Just as IBOs are out chasing the dream, hoping to find like minded people to sponsor.

No matter how many people you can find, it will never be enough. Just look at the triple ripple mega crown ambassadors and quadruple diamonds. How many of them are doing what they want, whenever they want? Sure, you see slide shows of them on trips or at Disneyland, but stop and think. Why are they constantly at functions and meetings? Do they really and truly want to be playing Amway when they can do anything they want whenever they want? Or is it more likely that they profit from selling you standing orders and functions so they continue to work? Do you honestly believe that the diamonds are philanthropic and work out of love for their downline? If so, then ask why they are compensated for doing so. If they loved what they are doing, they would do it for free right? That's how they related to my job, that if I loved it, why would I need compensation?

Money is an important aspect of life. Everyone needs to earn some money to pay for their homes and to put food on the table. Having more money can obviously give you more options. But do diamonds really have all that money? I suspect not. Diamonds seemingly speak about being "job optional", and being able to walk away from the business, but it makes me wonder why nobody can name even a handful of people who built an sizable Amway business, and walked away to enjoy the beaches of the world while the money keeps pouring in. Amway's been around more than 50 years. Surely there must be many people who are retired and living large on (primarily) Amway income. But these Amway retirees are about as common as the sasquatch or UFOs. Everyone seems to know about them and have heard about them but noone has bonafide proof that they actually exist.

Money buys you more options. But the question is whether or not you can actually attain that money from Amway. My conclusion is that it is highly unlikely.


Anonymous said...

You know sadly the life Diamonds try to portray as living as Millionaires is a Joke! My opinion they do not live within there means because they have to show off everything they portray there life as.

The real Question is if they are Bringing in Residual income as they claim, why are they not retired?

Joecool said...

I don't think diamonds are necessarily millionaires. If you look at characteristics of millionaires, you will see that most diamonds do not fit the profile. Millionaires typically do not buy and display vast amounts of wealth. I believe the diamonds do this as a recruiting tool for their Amway and tools business.