Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "Good" Amway?

I've been recently engaged on another forum discussing the merits (or lack of) of the Amway business. Of course that discussion draws IBOFB to the forum like flies on a frsh pile. So as I see it, IBOFB thinks that downline abuse and the tools scam is a tiny problem and the most of Amway is actually a uptopia where IBOs prosper and upline actually live in wealth and only work because they love their downlines. It makes me think IBOFB aka Icerat aka Insider is completely deluded or is completely jaded in favor of Amway.

There are many tool companies that provide tools for Amway IBOs. They are independent of Amway and they are all (as far as I know) for profit companies that sell cds, seminars and other materials that are allegedly designed to help IBOs succeed in Amway. Because upline leaders have a lot of influence, most of these same leaders use that influence to encourage (coerce?) their faithful downline to purchase tools. It is easy to discern and there is documentation that some of these same leaders make most of their income from the sale of tools rather than from Amway. It's a bait and switch scam in my opinion. Show off a jet set lifestyle. Tell the audience that it's all available by working the Amway business, and then sell them foolproof tools that will help them accomplish this. Whether the tools work or not (there is no unbiased evidence that tools work), the uplines are laughing all the way to the bank as they drive their fancy cars.

While there may be pockets of groups where some leaders are more ethical, it's pretty evident that these are very very rare and that most uplines teach the same things. Dedication to the Amway products and dedication to the system. Both of these practices are beneficial to uplines who profit from tools, but usually becomes the reason why business building IBOs end up with a net loss. Sometimes an IBO become uber dedicated to upline and the tools and these IBOs often suffer massive losses, sometimes in tens of thousands of dollars. And their fault was selling out and doing exactly what was advised by their upline. IBOFB aka Icerat believes that the majority of Amway is the good Amway, where everyone makes money and is content. Sadly, that "good" Amway, doesn't appear to exist.

Does anyone know of this "good" Amway? Where is there a faction of IBOs who all profit? Is there a group where uplines don't promote and profit from tools? Is there a group where people don't quit and if they do, continue to buy Amway products consistently? Are we chasing the end of a rainbow here?


Anonymous said...

good amway? are you freakin' kidding me?! there is NOTHING good about this pile of rotting garbage!

**proud Amway hater**

Peter Reilly said...

I did a post on my new Forbes blog that was less than flattering

An Amway defender said I don't belong on Forbes and confused me with someone who was accused of murdering his mother

Anonymous said...

Amway is just a stinky pile of dog shit! It stunk from the start and it will stink until the end!!!

I cant believe IBO's even try to defend this worthless opportunity. To try to defend Amway is a joke! All the facts point to a money draining opportunity.

The Proof and Statistics speak Volumes! Where is the statistics that IBO's state about Amway creating the most Millionaires behind Microsoft??????

Anonymous said...

Come on people, none of these posts are about Amway, they're all about the system used by others to generate additional income...books, cd's, functions etc. Honesty is a theme as well, so let's practice that in these posts.

Joecool said...

Anon at 7:34

Amway and the tools systems are one. Amway makes the products and the tool hawkers recruit and teach loyalty to the IBOs. The guy who drives the getaway car in a bank robbery is guilty also.

Anonymous said...

anon @7:34, surely you're joking, right?