Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WWDB Tapespeak?

A very recent comment left on my blog. Joecool's commentary below:

Anonymous wrote: "I am an IBO with Amway and WWDB. Until you are an IBO yourself then I would stop judging those of us working with this amazing company. Our company is about yes us succeeding, but also helping others succeed as well. I am not going to lie of course the money plays a big role, however the teachings and information that is given to us is helping all of us to become better buisness people but also helping us become better people all around. Many of the people and couples who are involved with WWDB and Amway have had their lives completely changed for the better by building their buisness and being around the wonderful people involved. I was just like you before I became and IBO and when I first heard the plan thought there was a very slim chance that I would make any real money from this. I learned through my amazing upline team that through hard work and dedication you can become as successful as you want! The CORE is a great set of guidelines that keeps you focused on the goals and helps all of us build the best and most successful organization we can. Please stop judging because clearly you have a glass half empty mentality, and with the attitude you have yes you wouldn't make a dime."


Joe's commentary: I find it humorous how people claim that WWDB has changed and that they are not anything like the experience I had as an IBO back in the late 1990s. Yet I continue to see and hear current IBOs claiming to be from WWDB who say the same stuff I was taught. That diamonds pay cash for everything, even homes and other big ticket items. That WWDB IBOs have a 2% divorce rate. That WWDB makes you a better business person and a better person overall. I wonder how they determine that WWDB makes you a better business person when it is likely that over 99% of their business building IBOs suffer losses due to system expenses.

Hard work is not related to financial success in WWDB and Amway, despite what the "amazing upline" says. There is NO documented evidence that WWDB does anything except drain IBO's bank accounts. If you truly examine CORE, you will see that it is designed to keep money flowing upline via tool purchases. Any help you receive from your upline diamonds is always paid for by the downline in some manner or another.

While it's good to be positive, that also doesn't equate to long term sustainable success. I can be upbeat and positive and still be a miserable failure in Amway, which is the experience most "serious" IBOs live through. You cannot "choose" to succeed in Amway anymore than you can choose to win the lottery.


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of douchebags!

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The old 'you-were-just-too-lazy-to-work-your-business' tapespeak.

Good gravy. It's like dealing with kindergarteners.

I just don't have it in me at this early hour to swat him away.

Good luck, there, Sparky!


Anonymous said...

Every business I have been in has the same problem. The people wanting the "secret to success" and the "easy payday" are always getting mad at the system designed to make it easier, or the person they see having success because they are doing the work and as a result experience success.

Anonymous said...

true, but we're talking about amway, which isn't a real business to start with. so, cut the crap.