Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Want To Believe In Amway?

Many IBOs cannot be convinced that Amway is not the best opportunity in the world, because they want to believe the lies/deception that is often used when they are recruited. They want to believe that 2-5 years of part time effort will result in lifelong residual income and that they will be traveling to the beaches of the world while cash keeps rolling in. They want to believe that they can ditch their (often) less than adequate jobs. They want to believe that a part time soap business will make all of this possible. The people (upline) who claim to have everyone's best interest at heart will sell them a proven system of success and all they need to do is follow the steps to success.

Many people sign up for Amway and do abosultely nothing. They may not ever order or try products. But these folks do not complain about Amway and the expenses they may incur are minimal. Most do not even bother to seek a refund on their starter kit. It makes me wonder why these folks even bother to sign up. Although, there are stories of people being pestered into registering. Anyway, the part where this business gets dicey is when people register and do put in an earnest effort, only to end up with financial losses. Sometimes the losses are in the tens of thousands of dollars. You get squeezed for a couple of hundreds of dollars a month and after a few years of effort, you can find yourself drowning in debt, even after doing everything your upline advised. The fact that uplines don't disclose their busienss financials speaks volumes. Former uplines who have come forward have shown that most of their income was from hawking standing orders and seminars, and not from Amway sales as they would imply.

I bought into the hype at one time. I believed the lies. I believed my upline that no profit was made from tools. At the time I was an IBO, I too, wanted to believe that I could work part time for 2-5 years and ditch my job. That I would retire at the age of 35 and live in luxury forever. I wanted to believe that. But having reached the 4000 PV level, the precipice of platinum, I also realized that I had no profit. I sat down and did the math and realized that they would be little profit at platinum. I cam to the realization that a second job would have suited me better. I finally quit when I realized this, along with my upline wanting total control of my life. But I hung in as long as I did because I wanted to believe that Amway would be the vehicle that delivered my financial freedom.

Having dropped out of Amway, my life quickly got back to normal. Friends that I had avoided returned to my life. My disposable income increased and my cashflow was positive once again, now that I was no longer obligated to purchase tools. I also noticed years later, that the same old leaders on stage were still working as hard as ever, and none of them had taken the option to retire and walk the beaches of the world. Perhaps these leaders also want to - or have to believe in Amway because they have already invested too much time and effort to call it quits and start something else. I wanted to believe, but the fact is that people were not succeeding. People were not getting free. What I saw was home foreclosures, bankruptcies and financial struggles made worse for people because of Amway and the tool systems. And apparently, these same issues apply to the diamonds. Do your research and you will likely find the same conclusion that I did. That Amway is a nearly impossible dream.


Anonymous said...

you got THAT right!

Anonymous said...

'Many people sign up for Amway and do abosultely nothing. '

100% agreed on. Conclusion; 99% don't make it to diamond. 1% do make it to Diamond. Are you in the 1%? Apparently not so!

'But these folks do not complain about Amway and the expenses they may incur are minimal.'

Yes and no. Some incur significant expenses. Most incur expenses. However, 99% complain about Amway on internet blogs and call it scam like you do once they quit even though as you said 'many people sign up for Amway and do abosultely nothing'. It's very stupid to call something a scam if you do nothing about it in order to meet your personal goals of success. Or maybe, let me get this straight, your goal is to disparage Amway for the sake of you being a loser who badly needs publicity?

Joecool said...

1% do not make diamond. A tiny and remote fraction of 1% make diamond and about 1 in 20,000 or so reach diamond. Out of those who reach diamond, many are not able to maintain the level due to attrition. In the meantime, IBOs churn in and out of the system losing money. Some lose little, some lose a lot. It's a sad thing.

Anonymous said...

I have already chosen where I am. I am with the Diamonds. You too have chosen where you want to be and I better not mention where that is. Don't think about making me defect from the side I have chosen. You don't have the money, the power or the words to buy me.

Joecool said...

You are with the diamonds? Good for you!

So you don't have money or power and for your money and efforts, you get to kiss the diamond's butts. What a shrewd business person you are!

Anonymous said...

Joe... how about you shut up? You bark and barf non-stop. I have money and I have power over my own life to choose to do what my heart desires and to be able to change other lives for the better. Capiche?! I don't think you do but then what can I otherwise expect from a dog like you? Nothing less than returning to your own vomit.

Joecool said...

Anonymous from Canada, why don't you stop barking? You're like a tiny dog nippin at my heels. I might have to kick you across the room pretty soon. Why don't you stop wallowing in your own crap?

Anonymous said...

jeez, for crying out loud, joe, just pour gasoline on the little devil and set him on fire!

oh, but then you'd get arrested for "animal cruelty", wouldn't you? DANGIT!!! ;)

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

Anon July 14, 2011 2:12 pm;

Wowzers. I'm so impressed. ambot-speak has not changed in the 15 years since I got in.

Let me see if I have this straight: amway good. Everything and everyone else bad?

I think that about sums up the ability of ambots to tell us old amway negative nellies to jump off a cliff, right?

A repeat of 7th grade English might be of benefit to you, especially since your diamond leaders will encourage you to 'sponser up.'


Anonymous said...

The Amway business is what you make of it. I have looked into Amway and have read a few books on it. The thing to remember is no one is forcing you to do anything if you do not want to. The way they make money is to sell the CDs, Training on line, and by getting you attend the training sessions as they call them. Now these are not free to attend and that costs you money. Most Up lines do speak at these sessions and they get paid for speaking. Why do you think you pay to go to these sessions? So the thing is sign up but sell products for the cost is great for an IBO and the profit margin in some cases is 30% or better. Take the time to sell the product and create a customer base and not a sign up base which has turned people off from Amway. Remember no is twisting your arm to become a Diamond and if they try just tell them to stuff it and do what you want to do.
Thanks for reading and that is way I see Amway. Amway. Avon people do not try to sign you up but sell a great product so why not do the same with Amway?

Anonymous said...

that's the problem. amway focuses more on the motivational materials and not enough on products. it's has been going on for too long and THAT is what has turned so many people off. unfortunately (or not), the decades-long damage cannot be undone.