Friday, July 1, 2011

IBOs Have Employee Mentality?

One of the really funny things that is taught to IBOs is how they need to ditch the employee mentality and convert to a business owner mentality. Those who truly have a business mentality are unlikely to join Amway the systems because the return on investment wouldn't be worth it. When you also consider that only a small fraction of 1% make any significant money in Amway, it's hard to imagine that any reasonable and logical person would want to divert time, money and effort into a venture where your likelihood of succeeding and making money is so small.

When you really stop and think about it, many IBOs have an employee mentality but they think they are thinking like business owners because upline tells them so. The relationship between upline and downline is often just like that of a supervisor and employee. The upline tells you what to do and the downline, who is usually less experienced, simply listens and follows their instructions. If an IBO were to do things on their own, it would be considered as de-edifying to upline who has already blazed the trail for you. They have what many refer to as the "system" consisting of cds, books, voicemail and functions. Many refer to the system as "CORE" steps.

Basically, the CCRE steps is the "job" of the IBO. They need to immerse themselves in the system, and then they need to show the plan to others and get others to follow them. The really sad thing is that many IBOs do exactly as they are told or advised, and never see a cent of profit, and more often than not, end up losing money despite their efforts and expenses. It's like going to work, and giving your boss $300 so you can get a $10 paycheck at the end of the month. While Amway loyalists will disagree, this scenario is the most common and most likely. All you have to do is take a look at the 6-4-2 or whatever plan they show you. The lowest level IBOs will spend about $300 to purchase their 100 PV and then they get back about $10 at the end of the month. Most IBOs never sponsor downline so their volume never grows unless they consume more themselves. Most IBOs, even dedicated ones, can never sell enough products to cover their expenses. Faced with these obvious facts, anyone can see why you are almost guaranteed failure in Amway with the system.

If IBOs truly had a business mentality, they would be focused on selling products and not desperately trying to sponsor downline. They would also focus on minimizing expenses. But most business building IBOs are selling the opportunity and a dream, which is why some critics claim that the Amway opportunity, lacking a focus on retail sales, is criss crossing into legal parameters of the law. Those who focus on "buy from yourself" without outsaide sales are the worst offenders in my opinion. If you have an employee mentality, then it's likely you will listen to what your upline says and do your "CORE" duties. What kind of menatlity do you have?


Anonymous said...

Hey JoeCool, why don't you retire? You keep on writing these stories about why Amway is so very bad but you don't get it. Nobody is reading your crap and you're just wasting time bashing a business opportunity. It's not evil. It's the people. In every business there are some bad apples. You should just pack it up and quit before you go insane. Seriously.

Joecool said...

Why would I stop blogging? Wouldn't that make me a "quitter"?

Anonymous said...

anon, you've already gone insane. and i'm getting real close to going doubly insane on you. DON'T PUSH ME!

rocket said...

I read Joecool's stuff. It's awesome!

On top of what Joecool writes here about downline trying to be profitable through retail, that just ain't happening either

Anonymous said...

I am an IBO with Amway and WWDB. Until you are an IBO yourself then I would stop judging those of us working with this amazing company. Our company is about yes us succeeding, but also helping others succeed as well. I am not going to lie of course the money plays a big role, however the teachings and information that is given to us is helping all of us to become better buisness people but also helping us become better people all around. Many of the people and couples who are involved with WWDB and Amway have had their lives completely changed for the better by building their buisness and being around the wonderful people involved. I was just like you before I became and IBO and when I first heard the plan thought there was a very slim chance that I would make any real money from this. I learned through my amazing upline team that through hard work and dedication you can become as successful as you want! The CORE is a great set of guidelines that keeps you focused on the goals and helps all of us build the best and most successful organization we can. Please stop judging because clearly you have a glass half empty mentality, and with the attitude you have yes you wouldn't make a dime.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee, JoeC, I think the little ambot is threatening you. Don't push the little guy, if you know what's good for you.

Are these guys for real? They effectively argue not one business point, but go right for the school yard taunts.

Whatever shall we do?

Here's their dilemma: they do a quick drive-by on these blogs, get all emotional and think they're really gonna let us have it, and repeat some embarrassing tape-speak bull OR just threaten to 'smack us around a bit.'

The dilemma? They certainly can't go back to their upline and brag about how they 'let us have it' b/c it's illegal in the amway world to be on the 'bathroom wall of society.'

Dang. How awful for them. They're so desparte to brag to someone and instead they have to keep it bottled up inside. What a shame.

Just look at all that 'freedom' they have in amway.


Anonymous said...

I have a solution for you, If this blog bothers you so much why don't you stop coming here? I'm not sure how you have time to read Joe's blogs if you are in fact building your supposed business.
So Anonymous, why don't you just run back to your Mommy and Daddy upline and get some more brain washing.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@7:27PM is yet another drive by IBO that fails to understand that we were all IBOs at one time or another and our reason for being here is to warn naive people that Amway and WWDB is a scam that people are sucked into, spending large amounts of time and money on a dream that will 99% of the time never turn into reality. If just one IBO was to drop by here and offer proof of their business success, you know... Money rolling in, residual income, retired and no longer need to work I would reconsider my criticisms of this cult. The fact is the IBO I just described does NOT exist and the ones that are making enough money to rely on the business as their sole source of income are profiting from the sale of motivational material, speaking engagements and function ticket sales. So Anonymous@7:27PM we have the right to judge you because we were IBOs who were able to see this business for what it really is, A SCAM and there is enough proof to backup this claim. The facts about this business are the reason you will continue to be judged and the reason you'll have a hard time signing up anyone.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

anon @7:27 is a world-class DOUCHEBAG!

**proud Amway hater**

Gina said...

Well I see nothing has changed here!!!! Same old drivel by the IBO's!!!

Joecool said...

Gina, good to see you!

Anonymous said...

I love Amway, Amway is awesome company.

Anonymous said...

gina is back. YES!

anon @1:52, i hate Amway. Amway is a destructive cult, and you are a repulsive ambot.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a lot of merit to your comment about people getting started in Amway with an employee mindset. If you started a franchise you would know how you were paid! You also are spot on about not making profit without selling products. My wife and I have made a real shift a year ago to have a more "balanced business" and have made $10k this year instead of making a few $3k.