Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joecool's Blog Surpasses 200,000 Site Visitors!

Just the other day, Joecool's blog surpassed 200,0000 site visitors. While it's not the most ever, it's significant as this version of the blog was created in the later part of 2009. It means that Joecool is able to share his experience with a somewhat significant number or site visitors and information seekers. This is actually the third version of Joecool's blog. The first one ended because the host did not maintain their site and then a second Joecool's blog (on blogger) was sabotaged. Counting the site visitors on this blog and the former Joecool's blogs, the site visitors have exceeded 500,000 site visitors.

Over the years, I have accumulated many messages of gratitude from people who were mislead by someone prospecting them and were able to make informed decisions about the Amway business. Some people decided not to join, some people asked me more questions and some people wanted to know more about my experiences. I know that Amway canot control what all of their IBOs say, but when there is ample evidence that large groups of IBOs are told or taught unethical practices, then the corporation should try to verify the misinformation that is being spread and to stop it and to discipline the wrongdoers. There isn't much evidence that anything is or was done about those who abuse their downlines for their own interests.

There have been times when Joecool was ready to quit blogging, but thanks to IBOfightback, AKA David Steason, it made me dig in my heels and continue blogging to keep people innformed about some important points that they might need to know about Amway, and in particular, the AMOs such as WWDB or Network 21. Not all AMOs and uplines are unethical, but there are enough of them around where corrective actions should be taken. Until there is more visible progress, Joecool will continue.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cool, do you enjoy sharing your story of bitter failure? You keep blaming Amway but Amway is not at fault. IBO's are the problem. Anytime you have a group of millions worldwide, there are bond to be a few bad ones. You should let go of your vendetta and go with life. You should just enjoy life and let go of the bitterness that is eating the very fiber of your being. You need inner peace, something you obviously lack.

Joecool said...

Why do so many zealots assume that I was a failure in Amway? I had a 4000 PV business with eagle parameters. I didn't fail, the system failed me. At that level I wasn't making a net profit. As my business grew, I made no money and after some time and many hours of work, my upline saying "keep building and the money will be there" wasn't convincing enough for me to keep going. The facts showed that Amway didn't work. I projected my income at the platinum level and it wasn't pretty. The decision to quit was an easy one.

Anonymous said...

Joe at least you achieved Eagle parameters in Amway, some IBOs have been trying to go Eagle for years. Yet those losers call you a loser? At least you know when to jump a sinking ship while the core IBOs are in denial.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sinking Ship.... hmmm...
Yeah, from 2009 when Mr Cool quit, Amway was around $8 billion and in last two-three years it sank by $2 billion more and became $10 billion dollar. That's a great sinking speed, I would love to be on such a boat no matter how much Mr. cool writes this ship keeps sailing.

It is easy to claim "I was 4000 PV and quit". Well, you can really fool a lot of people blaming Amway for your own failures Mr. cool. But the fact of the matter is, you could not hold a group of 4000 people because of mostly your non-committed attitude and no wonder your group did not believe in you and your dream and gave up on you.
They were smart enough to know this quitter is going to give up one day when going gets tough and they were right!

Now here is a looser writing articles who couldn't build a group beyond 4000 PV and bad mouthing a company that holds millions of people's together around the world. How unfortunate!

Joecool said...

It doesn't matter if Amway made 8 or 10 billion if you made nothing does it? I dind't just go 4000 and quit. I went 4000 and did not profit. That is a big difference.

Speaking of "loser" (Note the spelling), why don't you allow anything but positive comments of your Amway propagand blog?

Anonymous said...

Spelling of "loser" hmm... exactly this is the reason you did not make profit. You were too busy nitpicking others where you should have been busy building business. Your team sensed your dishonesty and bad attitude and they left you. They did not leave Amway, THEY ALL LEFT YOU! And to hide your personal failures, you now had to write story after story Mr. Cool about why Amway is bad.

Well, there are many reasons why you might not be profitable. May be you had a habit of drinking, gambling or other bad habits or you were busy nitpicking on other people instead of focusing on your business and when you failed, poor Amway gets the blame and you become the hero- a failure who didn't even make any money is busy teaching other people how to think like a failure and bad mouthing a 10 billion dollar growing corporation.

Let me tell you something - you could have gone 4000 PV with a downline at 4000PV and a side volume of 25 PV and thus you got status but no money! You got lucky with one leg, but probably didn't have personal conviction and thus couldn't be lucky with other legs! Success requires honesty and work ethic. So, probably you made 10 dollars at 4000PV, no wonder you were not profitable.Sure, now have all the right you brag about your PIN on internet and blame Amway, just to hide your inability to lead an organization.

In Amway, nobody makes money if they are not productive. And a person who is nitpicking, can not succeed in anything. Dale Carnegie said, "Any Fool can complain, criticize and complain - and most fools do!"

After all, it's easy to complain than doing anything productive anyway. Isn't it Joe?

Joecool said...

I was nitpicking? Is that what your upline teaches you guys? Maybe you ignore details and facts. Your upline taught you not to get detail-itis?

A real business owner pays attention to details. Successful business people want the details.

You obviously don't read. I went 4000 with eagle parameters and did not make a net profit. Your argument has more holes than swiss cheese.

Anonymous said...

So Anon the IBO blogger from Texas is the standard-setter, an honorable emissary, exemplifying the kind of person/business ownerfrom the great Amway Corporation and WWDB (or whatever cookie-cutter Amway motivational organization you hail from) who my family should follow? Disgusting. No, Anonymous from Texas, you aren't doing anything "productive", except producing more evidence that Amway deserves its bad reputation, and is a worse "business opportunity". But please, by all means, continue contributing to JoeCool's excellent blog! Looking forward to your fact-filled retort.


----Daniel (former WWDBer)

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor IBO,
Once your upline realizes that they can not milk anymore money from you, they will leave you like a stray dog on the street. They will move on to some other cash cow, while you are running to the bank for a loan to pay off your debts.
Amway relies heavily on the sales in international markets such as India and China (where information is very limited). IBOs can easily manipulate people in those countries. Amway made 10 Billion last year, how much did you make. I can guess that your bank account is a sinking ship.
Keep draining your bank accounts, your uplines dream to squeeze you dry is coming true.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... here it's really funny to read...
OK, anyway, who know this:
If new IBO is making a new web, can some other IBO under him surpass him, and why? There are a examples when some IBO from downline made 21% and surpass upline and then the upline IBO got only 21% more discount on Amway products. Why? Do someone know here if this is happened someone else before?

Joecool said...

It's common to earn more than your sposnor. That's because so many people quit or get frustrated and do nothing. The question is whether anyone will ever earn more than the diamonds and crown ambassadors and the answer to that is "no".

Anonymous said...

oh look, it's half a person!

**proud Amway hater**