Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Do Amway Uplines Control And Manipulate Information?

There's been a new site visitor here who rus his own pro-Amway blog and he only allows rosy comments about Amway. He claims that his blog isn't about a debate but more to promote Amway and a positive atmosphere for his IBOs. He "claims" that his group and pin level was somewhat significant, but refuses to disclose where he's made a cent of profit. Technically, his profit means nothing if all his downline are losing money. This "leader" claims that he is from BWW. As far as I know, BWW and WWDB might be the worst AMOs, extracting every cent from their downlines by selling them ineffective tools and seminars.

What I don't understand is his refusal to post true comments on his blog. A specific example would be how he posted that Robert Kiyosaki is a multi billionaire. Now anyone with google can find that to be untrue in a minute. When I pointed it out, his blog was changed, but he refused to post the comment. Now either the blog author was ignorant, or possibly lying until he was caught and then tried to quietly change his post to reflect the truth. In my way on thinking, this is the insidious kind of leader that I wouldn't want to be associated with because he can't admit being wrong. Probably the kind of leader that wants his downline sheep to blindly follow him, even when he is clearly wrong. He also sent Joecool some private emails to justify why he doesn't want to post my truthful and respectful comments.

He is apparently trying to control the flow of information that goes to prospects and his IBO downline. For this reason, some people have compared Amway to a cult. Because the leaders control informationand try to shape the way their downlines think and react to certain situations and to respond to various questions in a certain way. This is why many critics have coined the term "tapespeak". For example, the comments about critical blogs being "bathroom walls". Ironically, it is the IBOs who are slinging the dirt on the bathroom walls. Some pro MLMers have left numerous insult and even veiled threats here. They unknowingly make Amway and themselves look bad. I'm simply sharing my experience and knowledge about the Amway business, but since it doesn't fit with the Amwayer's pro Amway and pro system stance, they result to name calling and threats. Says more about them than Joecool.

I believe these imformation controlling uplines are insidious and should be avoided. They want to shape the way you think and then take you to the cleaners. One function or one standing order at a time. The information is there, if you take the time to find it.

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ST said...

I've been reading up on amway for a while now (some of my friends got in and I wanted to have some concrete criticisms of amway ready) and I've never seen such vitriol coming from amway supporters. It's on par with creationists and moon landing deniers. It's really more indicative of their train of thought than anything else ie "any criticism of amway is stupid/jealous/assholeish" etc. I work in the liquor industry and there are legitimate criticisms of my industry and my company specifically but I try and look at those criticisms as a way to improve what I do. It's always disappointing to see a "business" outright deny any negative statements because they won't be able to improve. **sigh**