Sunday, February 26, 2012

IBOs Cause Amway The Most Damage?

What I observe very frequently is new IBOs posting about the virtues of Amway and the Amway business. I believe most of these IBOs are not profitable and have only learned what their upline has taught them. They do not have adequate knowledge to defend the basic criticism about Amway. The often wind up diverting and deflecting the conversations on forums and blog, and then eventually when the new IBO runs out of ammunition for defense, they resort to name calling, insults and/or extolling Amway's virtues such as their 10.8 billion in sales last year, which is great for Amway, but does nothing for the IBOs. Amway's increase in sales have nothing to do with an individual IBO's sales. Also, if I remember correctly, Amway increases have primarily come from foreign countries such as Korea and China. What good is that for a North American IBO?

What some of the Amway IBOs don't realize is that there are many former Amway IBOs or critics who have direct experience and are quite knowledgeable about the Amway business and how the basics of the business works, including the compensation plan. Therefore, when a new IBO tries to tell tall tales or to stretch the truth about their earnings and expenses, it sticks out like a sore thumb when the situation is analyzed and examined. Often, the IBO, now cornered, has nothing left but to leave the discussion or dig in and insist that they are correct. Because basic math often tells the truth, and IBO might be stuck with no answers. Then the broke losers, quitters, jealousy and other insults come flying.

What these IBOs don't realize is that prospects or information seekers can see and follow the discussion and more often than not, the IBOs are making monkeys out of themselves with silly unrealistic claims of success, or outrageous claims such as being in Amway for 6 weeks and they are already making $6,000 a month for example. When you factor in these tidbits along with IBOs who trick people into attending meetings, and other deceptions and lies told about the Amway opportunity and you have a recipe for disaster. IBOs may not know it, but they themselves are causing the most damage to Amway's reputation. They think they are defending Amway but they are actually making things worse. Many companies have critics. Walmart for example has many critics who think Walmart is evil, for various reasons. But Walmart employees don't go online to battles the critics and the criticism of Walmart is for putting other businesses in peril, or slippery floors, or not paying their employees enough. They aren't criticized for being a scam or a pyramid. Something that Amway continues to be criticized for. Whether Amway deserves that much criticism is up for debate, but Amway IBOs and defenders who insult and sling mud do more damage to Amway than a critic.

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