Friday, October 19, 2012

Amway Complaints?

Over the years, I have seen literally hundreds (if not more) blogs and testimonials about Amway. Most of them decry the pitfalls of being an Amway IBO. Most of the complaints cite the fact that Amway in general has higher prices than comparable retailers and the fact that the system consisting of voicemail, books, cds and seminars ate up any profits the IBO may have made and resulted in net losses for most. One particular Amway apologist bemoans the fact that the internet is full of bad testomonials about Amway. The reason why there are so many negative testimonials about Amway is because over the years, thousands, possibly millions either had a bad experience for the reasons I cited above, or personally know of someone who had a bad experience.

Amway defenders will often cite the fact that many IBOs sign up and "do nothing" as their defense to this. But I will easily point out that I haven't seen anyone say they signed up, failed to do anything or order products, quit and started blogging about a bad experience in Amway. These defenders will also compare Amway to the gym where people sign up and "do nothing". Whether true or not, I also do not see people who sign up and "do nothing" complain about not receiving health benefits by simply signing up. It is a very weak defense. Conversely, I have seen numerous accounts of folks like myself who did put in effort, some for many years, who did what upline advised and did not see the financial rewards that is promoted in "the plan".

Amway defenders will then try to justify themselves, saying that the better business bureau (BBB) receives few formal complaints about Amway. I will agree with this. Many IBOs never bother to file formal complaints to the BBB or to Amway because in many, probably most cases, the person who quits and may have had a bad experience, was sponsored into the business. The sponsor was often a friend or family member of the IBO who left the business. Many will simply leave and forget the episode and chalk it up to a learning experience in life. Some will complain, but really have to ne venue to voice their remorse about joining. Some of us have found the interent to be quite effective in sharing our experiences and our opinions on why the business did not work. This is what one Amway defender calls the "internet war". What I have pointed out is that critics most often simply point out what the IBOs themselves have done. In many cases, the IBO is his own worst enemy. Afterall, critics didn't deny Amway and Quixtar had a connection, nor did critics make up claims about perfect water, etc.

It would appear that most of the problems has a root in the AMO systems, such as WWDB, BWW, LTD, or N21. Now, not all upline leaders are unethical, but it appears that many are, and new IBOs have no way to identify the good from the bad. It also appears that some of these upline leaders will issue bad avice. Advice that is detrimental to the IBOs, but financially beneficial to themselves, such as telling IBOs to never miss a function, or to buy more cds. In many cases, these unethical uplines do not care about IBO success, their goal is just to move as many support materials as possible, so they can fund their "diamond" lifestyle. Sadly, it is also apparent that the diamond lifestyle may be a facade in some cases. An illusion of wealth portrayed as a recruiting tool.

If you recognize some of these warning signs, ask tough questions of your potential sponsor and visit this or some of the blogs linked to this one for more information.


Anonymous said...

I think this business is an opportunity not a guarantee. Most people will quit as entry is without any barriers. I think to be successful you have to have the leadership skills to motivate people to recruit continuosly. Certainly there are people who work hard but don't make it. But I'm sure this is because they don't have that charisma needed to lead groups of people. If you are showing the plan consistently you will probably recruit 10% and that's sufficient. I would ignore tools. But current leaders use them so they must be delivering.or I guess they would not do so. However the early leaders did not have tools yet built it.

Anonymous said...

i think i'll stick with my job, where i'm GUARANTEED to get paid for honest work. :)

Anonymous said...

Any and every large company has a lot of negative things about them said in the media. I bet the company you work for has some lawsuits against them and bad testimonials. Does that mean you aare gonna quit your job in the morning?

Anonymous said...

too funny.

Unknown said...

My barely adult son has been seriously indoctrinated into Amway Dreambuilders. I am honestly at a loss of how to get him to understand what he is really up against. His "team" has him spending money he earns at his real job on things like books, tapes, and going to meetings out of town costing him lots of money and producing absolutely nothing. They aren't even serious about selling the actual products! How can I get him UN-BRAINWASHED!
Help me! Please before his innocent spirit and bank account are both wiped out!

Joecool said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son's situation. Sadly, it sounds like your son has bought in an trusts his upline more than family and friends. The dreambuilders leaders teach this. That they should listen to leaders and not friends and family who have no vested interest in their success. I think it's awful if they are advising him to sell his car to attend functions, etc. This is the insidious part of the business. They'll turn around later and say your son did it on his own. I would encourage your son to make sure there are product sales and to track expenses as there's no reason to keep attending functions and buying cds if the sale don't increase as a result.