Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Freedom - Control of Time And Money?

One of the things that uplines do when recruiting new IBOs is to talk about how jobs are a dead end, that someday you will be fired, that you have no control of a job, or that you are never paid what you are worth. They convince you that working a job is a crime and that your boss probably works the longest hours. They may even say that those who make good money working a job often works so much that they don't have time to enjoy it. My former upline used to say that true freedom is the control of time and money.

What I was also told that that in the real world, generally the guys who have enough money are usually so busy working that they don't have time. Or that a broke guy who's got time on his hands is broke so he can't do much of anything. That's when they would convince prospects that only through Amway can you have both. You can have both time and money. You build it right and build it once, and the (Amway) business will pay you for the rest of your life. That's how it was presented to me and looking back, it was a total lie. I have a challenge for any IBO or Amway defender. Amway's been around for more than 50 years. Can anyone name a dozen people who have actually built an Amway business and then stopped working it but continued to collect a significant income that was actually passed onto their heirs? Can anyone name even one or two? Keep in mind that tens of millions of people have come and gone through the business. Also keep in mind that Amway doesn't make these claims. Maybe someone should ask Amway?

It makes me wonder why crown ambassadors don't even walk away and collect money forever. These crown ambassadors are all old and have been around forever yet they continue to work their groups and attend all the functions. Somewhat recently a couple of crowns passed away while still working the business. Sure, maybe their day to day lives aren't as busy as a 9-5 employee with young kids, but still it makes me wonder why not even double diamonds and above (as far as I know) have not exercised the option to walk away and enjoy mountains of residual cash rolling in. I also wonder why there are stories of diamonds quitting and resigning if there was an option to walk away and enjoy lifelong residual income. We also know that diamonds fall out of qualification and we know that many platinums fall out of quallification, providing ample evidence that an Amway business is unstable and that without constant attention, your business is likely to fall apart.

Let me close with this. We know that a typical platinum business has about 100 or more downline IBOs. That doesn't include those who quit. Thus a platinum is already in the top 1% of all Amway businesses and that platinums might not even make that much net income when considering that platinums have many expenses which may include eating losses on tools refunds for the upline diamonds.

Yes, true financial freedom is having complete control of time and money. The problem is that very few people ever achieve financial freedom but it would appear that even fewer Amway business owners achieve that same financial freedom because of the Amway opportunity. Also, showing pictures of mansions and sports cars is not proof of financial freedom. So do Amway diamonds have control of time and money? I say no.


Jerry D. said...

Exactly! If you see an Amway/WWDB member, tell them tat they are currently trading their time for LOSS of money that goes to the very top of their uplines, so they lose both time and money, giving it away to the conmen who brainwashed them and flaunt what they fleeced from their downlines at rallies where they are fleecing them yet again! If you have a J-O-B and you get $100/hr for your time, and you invest it in a truly sound investment, that is the best plan. J-O-Bs are not the problem. Low-paying jobs, or lack of investment is the problem. But Amway is even worse!!! You trade both your time and money for a false hope unicorn they keep telling you exists. Good luck with that, dimwits.

Joecool said...

People often join Amway because they desire to have more time and more money. Ironically, these Amway IBOs end up with less of what they desire because of their involvement in Amway.

Anonymous said...

Your upline will say that you have no control of your job but isn't it the same thing when you are IBO? An IBO is not really free, an IBO is at the mercy of amway's complex policies and IBO's are not allowed to market despite their absurd title as a "business owner". An IBO has to submit to the demands of upline as well.

Joecool said...

Yes, try doing something that Amway or your upline doesn't approve of. Your business would be toast.