Monday, March 21, 2016

Where Are The Wealthy Amway Retirees?

I have heard or read that Amway has something like 3 million IBOs worldwide and several hundreds of thousands of IBOs in the US and Canada. Over 50 plus years, Amway must have had tens of millions of IBOs. One of the selling points that many people use in promoting Amway is how you can build your business once (and right) and walk away from the business and collect residual income forever, willable to your future generations and recession proof. At least that's how it was presented, and still apparently presented these days. But that is just a big old lie used to entice prospects.

What I find extremely odd is how these alleged Amway retirees seem to vanish off the face of the earth. I mean the diamonds either quit, resign, or continue to work. Even all the crown ambassasdors are still working (some have passed away while working the business). Seems odd that someone can have the option of walking away from their Amway business while boatloads of cash keep rolling in, ye nobody exercises the option. Freedom to golf, travel, have fun and do anything you want, whenever you feel like it. But why do diamonds quit or resign? Why don't any of the big pins exercise the option to walk away? Various defenders of Amway claim there are many people who have excerised this option but nobody has been able to name ever a few of them. Keep in mind that the folks making this claim are likely lying or making it up because only Amway would know who is getting paid, although Amway wouldn't know what kind of effort was made to maintain the business. In other words, claims of people building an Amway business and then collecting significant residual income is a claim that cannot be substantiated, not even by Amway. And I will say this: Amway doesn't advertise this as an IBO benefit. Current IBOs and prospects should think long and hard about this.

I know of retired firefighters, teachers, lawyers, doctors, government workers, accountants, business owners and just about any occupation you can think of. A friend of mine recently retired from a construction material salesman position. Most of them have their homes paid off, and live comfortably on pensions, savings and other assets and investments. They are not dead or broke by age 65. Sure I do know of some people who are around the age of 65 who are not doing as well financially, but none of them are starving, needing government assistance or working at WalMart out of necessity. I believe ths is a scare tactic used by Amway promoters who want you to think that your only hope for financial security is by running an Amway business. Sadly, for most, the result is net losses because of the "systems".

I've asked before, I'll ask again. 50 plus years, possibly tens or hundreds of millions of IBOs. Where are these Amway IBO retirees? Do they actually exist or are they as sketchy as the claims of sasquatch or UFOs?


Anonymous said...

There is no "residual income" for retired IBOs or higher-ups in Amway. None whatsoever.

When you are in Amway you are expected (but NOT told) to be an active participant in the business for the rest of your life. You are told a lie about being fabulously rich after several years. In fact, you are expected to continue to recruit new IBOs and push Amway products and attend functions right until you die.

This is one of the big secrets that Amway up-line refuses to reveal to new recruits. There is NO RETIREMENT from Amway. There is no REST in Amway. There is no PEACE OF MIND in Amway.

And above all, for 99% of everyone in the business, there is NO MONEY in Amway.

Ben Dover said...

I'm here to report Joe, I HAVE FOUND THEM! They are alive and well right here on Uranus. They had been traveling space, because they found it was the best resource for this continuous residual incomes, and found Uranus to be the most suitable to their other-worldly mentalities. Now I'm sure you're asking yourself, HOW THE HECK DID A SIMPLETON LIKE YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE PEOPLE ON URANUS!??!?! Well, I was testing out a website's idea of being able to sometimes see Uranus, and low and behold I looked up, and there it was with American colored fireworks shooting off to show their patriotic freedom! They were actually firing fireworks out of Uranus!!! Not really sure why they were American still, since they weren't even on the same planet let alone Country, but hey WHO NEEDS LOGIC WHEN YOU ARE ON URANUS! Anyways, that's all to report for now, but they seem to be doing great, and I'm sure they are preparing a new rocket to launch the next wave of millionaires out to Uranus.

Joecool said...

Spot on. That was sort of the point of this message. Residual income on a myth and even the diamonds work without retirement or they find something better than Amway.

Joecool said...

LOL, good story!

Jerry D. said...

Thanks for this great blog, Joecool! The best thing when you come across someone with Amway/WWDB is to ask them to seek out someone in their upline/crossline who's been at it for the 2-5 years they talk about and whether that person is living on a beach now somewhere and how much they're making. They'll only give diamonds' stories (which could be lies, or they could be making most of their money off tools), but what about the people who've been in for 2-5 years? Isn't that the promise? That it's just 2-5 years and then you get to live on a beach with your family making a six figure pension? Lying con couples!

Joecool said...

Yes, I hear the 2-5 years, build it right and build it once. That is a lie. Residual income is a story, not a fact. Nobody has even confirmed a single person who built it once and built it right, now living the good life on Amway residuals.