Friday, March 18, 2016

Success Speaks Volumes?

I heard a great comment from a commentator on a related Amway blog. Basically, he said if IBOs were so successful, people would just naturally be attracted. And that's true! Where I live, the local electric company is an attractive place to work with a good salary and benefits package. When there's a handful of openings, you might get as many as 6,000 people applying for these positions. When the federal government hires for the post office, you get thousands of applicants for a handful of jobs as well.

But IBOs have to justify their positions. The common ones are how Amway products are concentrated, or they have magical ingredients in their vitamins. It is my position that if these products were so good and the opportunity actually produced successful IBOs, there would be no need to be deceptive about the products or opportunity. The products could easily me marketed. In fact, cutsomers would be seeking IBOs to find the products and there would be lines of people waiting to see the opportunity.

Instead, IBOs themselves are the primary consumers of Amway products. Many IBOs are deceptive when inviting people to see the Amway plan. Some prospects are outright lied to when recruited for the Amway opprtunity. The curiosity approach is still used by many, because mentioning "Amway" is more likely to get you funny looks than interest. If what I am writing is not true, why do IBOs need to deceive people? Why don't some IBOs open their books and display the financial success they claim to have? Why so secretive? Why aren't there hoards of new diamonds and emeralds each month? Instead, you mainly hear of the Amway growth in foreign countries. Most likely because the Amway name and reputation has not yet been soiled as it has in the US and Canada.

In the US, I see primarily the same old diamonds who were in control of the functions and systems from more than 12 years ago. In fact, factoring in diamonds who quit or dropped out, I believe there are fewer diamonds now than when I was an IBO. Some of these diamonds also had some apparent financial difficulties. The opportunity is far from how it's promoted. Success spakes louder than words, and where North American Amway success is concerned, the silence is deafening!


Anonymous said...

If something is good, you don't have to talk people into it.

If a product is worthwhile, you don't have to beg your family to buy it from you.

If a company is honest, it doesn't try to cover up its name and logo.

People don't naturally "join" Amway. People have TO BE LIED into Amway.

Joecool said...

Yes, that's a red flag when you need to hide the name just so you can get a chance to talk about the opportunity to someone.

Anonymous said...

There is no "business leadership". Instead it made these people known by their illogical reasoning, broken grammar, complicated jargons, paranoid on anything and quick to anger when you tell them the truth.

Joecool said...

One thing that seems to escape the IBOs. Some of these diamonds have been around even before the internet was commonly used. These tired out od date diamonds cannot teach you useful skills for building a business using the internet or social media.