Monday, March 28, 2016

Your Job Is A Pyramid!

One of ths things I take issue with is how uplines will create an us versus them mentality in the business. Thus friends and family who care about you suddenly become "negative" and association with them should be limited or avoided altogether. In some cases, people are discouraged from excellence in their jobs or professions because it takes the focus off of their Amway business. What I was told was to do my job, but my radar should always be on for new prospects. Some crossline IBOs turned down promotions at work because they did not want to have to work longer hours or take the focus off of their Amway businesses. In other words, they did damage to their long term futures which is ironic because most people join Amway to better their finances.

In some cases, the speaker at open meetings or functions will put down people's jobs. A commonly used acronym was J-O-B = "Just Over Broke". Some leaders also would say that my job was a pyramid because you will never earn more than the boss. A completely ridiculous comparison because someone's job has no relationship with how people view the Amway business (i.e. an Amway pyramid) and in a job, every employee gets paid and has a net gain at the end of the month. Not true in Amway. If IBOs only use KATE for example, an IBO at 100 PV or less will already be at a loss, and that is not considering any other expenses that IBO may have. And while a job may have a hierarchy, or chain of command, the business owner and CEO or manager earns their salary from customers, not directly from the pockets of their employees. Amway diamond pocket money from the volume their downline produces and they also pocket handsomely from the tools and functions they sell their downline.

Some uplines will laugh about people's jobs, stating that they wake up at the "crack of noon". What these same uplines may not tell you is that they wake up at noon because they are up at 3:00 in the morning doing nite owls for their groups and looking for recruits. These same uplines possibly can't do much with their downlines since their downlines mostly tend to have 9-5 jobs. These upline now work the graveyard shift because they have to.

So if you are of the opinion that nobody should criticize the Amway opportunity or IBO behavior, maybe uplines and IBOs should not criticize family and friends who disagree with or are not interested in the opportunity, and maybe the same uplines and IBOs should not criticize people who choose to work jobs. Don't most IBOs rely on their jobs as their Amway income is not sufficient to even pay for their Amway business related expenses?


Anonymous said...

In a real business, the "us-versus-them" mentality is largely absent. There may be keen competition, there may be rivalry, and there may be all sorts of gamesmanship. It's the old "Does Macy tell Gimbel?" question.

But in Amway, which is a fake business, the animus against non-members is pathological. Telling people to break with their family and close friends simply because those persons don't see the value of Amway is a vicious and evil tactic. It's the sign not of a real business, but of a cult masquerading as a business.

Why does Amway do this? Simple -- people in Amway are profoundly defensive and anxious about their actual position in life. They want so much to "make it," when in point of fact 99% of them are losers. So the slightest criticism or questioning of the Amway "Plan" sends them into a rage.

Persons in Amway are basically losers, and deep down they know it. And when you are defensive and insecure, as losers are, you lash out violently against anyone who holds up a mirror to your face.

Ben Dover said...

I will never forget a "Prestigious Emerald" talking to me at an FED last October. First off, I was supposedly extremely lucky that he would even take the time to interact with me face to face. He was not part of my upline, and was known for being one of the most prominent speakers in my area with many other important engagements. So naturally I made sure to be perked up and hear everything he had to say.

He started off by telling me about how he used to be a lawyer, and then one day the Amway business was pitched to him. He first got infuriated, because he thought this was the most simple business, and was mad he didn't hear about it sooner. He then started going on and on about how his wife disagreed with his decision, but he sent the ultimatum "Get with me, or there's the door." After that, I guess she came around. The reason for why I bring that up is, my fiance hated Amway. I was willing to take on the burden of playing both roles in the marriage business, because I thought it was an amazing opportunity. However, my upline didn't think it was wise for someone to jump into this with a negative partner. So, as I was talking to the Emerald he became very plain at one point. He basically said, if she loves you she will join the business, otherwise she probably isn't the one. I was in a daze after hearing that. This guy doesn't even know who the hell I am, what I am about, or why I was spending my entire weekend trying to better myself. He had the gall to say that she might not be the one, yet I was doing this for her, because I loved her so much. What a piece of ****, and my upline just sat their with a dumb ****eating grin. If anyone attends one of these ridiculous functions, and doesn't get multiple red flags, needs a reality check. I only went to that one major thing, and I was instantly out...there is no room for my fiance in this business? There is no room for you idiots to tell me how to become successful in my life. Thanks for nothing Amway and WWDB.

Joecool said...

A cult masquerading as a business. Sounds about right. And yes, not being supportive of Amway can send people into a rage. I've received threats in the past for running this blog.

Joecool said...

When I was at 4000 PV, I had already begun to suspect that Amway and the upline was a scam. But when my upline told me to dump my fiance' because I could build the business faster without her, the decision to quit became a very easy one.

Anonymous said...

To Ben Dover and Joe Cool --

The incidents that both of you relate are absolutely chilling. The utter EVIL of attempting to break up someone's love-relationship, for a purely selfish financial purpose! The entire thing reminds me of the Communists and the Nazis. Children were expected to turn in their own parents to the secret police if their parents said or did anything "against" the Communist or Nazi Party. The children were taught in school: "Your loyalty to the Party is more important than your relationship with your mother and father."

That's what Amway is: the Communist or Nazi party in a cheap business suit, with the typical shit-eating grin of you up-line Platinum. And these Amway hypocrites pretend to be "patriotic Americans."

Joecool said...

Ironically, Amway leaders talk about how Amway saves marriages. Yet, they would not hesitate to ask someone to dump their spouse or fiancee' if it meant that their business would prosper. Kind of scary when you really think about it.

Anonymous said...

Some would resigned from their well-paid jobs to focus ok their amway business opportunity, they just cut off their source of income to sustain the lifestyle of a brainwashed ambot.

Joecool said...

Ironically, upline puts down jobs but it is the IBO's jobs that provide the diamonds with their "diamond lifestyle".

rocket said...

I suspect that was likely scripted between the emerald and your upline. It's a cult-like tactic to bring up topics that directly impact the person you're speaking with about facts you've learned through a 3rd party to appear as though you know more than you really do.

That sounds totally staged and manipulative. Bunch of jagoffs.

Joecool said...

Agreed. The upline will at times, carefully plan and script things to manipulate and control people.