Monday, June 20, 2016

Your Amway Upline Salesman?

Our group (WWDB) edified people who bought extraordinary amounts of extra tapes/cds, extra function tickets and made superhuman efforts to get to functions. Looking back, I remember an IBO who was edified for coming all the way to a family reunion function in Portland Oregon when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The speaker said he could have been miserable spending time at home but here he was making a difference in people's lives. WTF? I once wrote a post about how IBOs think they are saving the world and helping people when in reality, the masses of IBOs are only "helping" their diamonds to attain material wealth by purchasing function tickets, voicemail, standing orders and other materials. While people are doing community service, IBOs are sitting in functions and rah rah meetings.

I would agree that some training and information can be helpful for new IBOs but I do not see any value in a neverending supply of cds and and endless number of meetings and functions. The very thing (support materials) that uplines claim is your key to success is the very thing that nearly guarantees business building IBOs to struggle financially. Our upline wanted IBOs to be out of debt, which is good, but they would also say in the same breath that it was okay to go into hock if it was to attend functions or to purchase additional support materials. Sadly, many IBOs do not see through this self serving advice.

Most people, including myself are very wary when we deal with car salesmen. We are wary because we know that the salesman is out to make money off of us and will try to sell us every option in the book. Thus we negotiate and reject the car options that we don't really need to or. Guess what? Your uplines are like car salesmen except that they sell you different options such as premier club, standing order, book of the month, function tickets, voicemail, open meeting tickets. Just like a car buying customer, taking all the options maximizes the car salesman's commission and the car dealer's profit. Buying all the support materials increases your upline's profits. Imagine the car saleman telling you that the extended warranty was vital to owning the car. You'd think twice about it, yet uplines will tell you that functions are vital to your Amway business and many IBOs buy it hook line and sinker. I hope this analogy will encourage IBOs to think of support materials as options on the car. You don't need any options to make the car work. Just as you don't really need support materials to buy and sell Amway products, and to get some downline to do the same.

We are wary of car salesmen. In my opinion, downline and prospects should be just as wary of uplines who promote tools as "vital" to your success in Amway. Keep in mind that a sponsor is obligated to help train any downline, regardless of whether they are on the system or not.


Anonymous said...

The notion that you will improve your business skills by attending a stupid "function" where people scream like freaked-out teenagers at a rock concert, and where fat-assed Diamonds lie about how rich they are, is utterly insane. You will learn nothing at all there -- nothing practical for building a retail business.

It's one thing to buy a few cds and books. But having to buy them non-stop, month after month? If a cd or a book has helped you in your business, why the goddamned fuck do you need a continuing supply of new cds and books? And why does your thieving up-line insist that you buy TWO copies -- one for yourself, and one for your spouse? Can't you see that you're being RIPPED OFF?

Let's see if some stupid Amway IBO shows up here to answer these questions. I'm just sharpening my knife for him.

Joecool said...

I wish IBOs would analyze the results of a function. Did your sales go up or is business the same despite all the "rah rah" you experienced.

Mrmaximum said...

Even better question, how many 'pin winners' does one see at a function? Not talking the new PV levels, just how many new Platinums and above does one see at these functions? How many of these pins can one see actively moving on in the business? I could remember when I was involved that Year after year, function after function that most faces I saw in the leadership seats never really moved much.

Sure they where in the Eagle and Double Eagle Seats, but that was it. Just recently learned that Mark and Amy Slaughter had given up their downline. They where pretty much standing order at Winters Marketing Functions (Now LTD) and they just upped and quit?

Gotta wonder why no?

Joecool said...

Yes, there are new 1000 pins and such but very few new platinums or higher. What you saw was the same old people on stage and new faces in the crowd at each function.

If you really paid attention, you'd probably notice that the groups were just churning through people with no real growth.