Monday, June 27, 2016

Anyone Can Succeed In Amway?

One of the "false hope" things my upline used to tell our group was that everyone was going to succeed. That although things are tough, one day we will all be at diamond club together looking back at the struggles and laughing. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. One of the things that Amway promoters like to state is that "anyone" can succeed", but in the same line of reasoning, I could also say that "anyone" can win the lottery. The same thing can apply to not "everyone" can succeed in Amway and not "everyone" can win the lottery. Amway is not a game of chance like the lottery, but this still applies.

Using the term "anyone can succeed" is simply a statement that gives people hope. It appears that Amway promoters love to use the psychology of giving people hope as a means of recruiting and retaining IBOs. Hope is what keeps people motivated. The problem with the Amway opportunity, is that it is false hope. It is very easy to see that in most groups, the majority of downline IBOs will lose money. The majority of active IBOs, if they receive a bonus, will get only about $10 a month from Amway. If they use voicemail, or subscribe to standing order, they are already at a net loss for the month. Never mind the open meetings, major functions and other expenses associated with the Amway business.

I believe it is hope that makes gambling popular. One pull on a slot machine handle can change your life. Many IBOs believe that one good run of business can change thir lives. Unfortunately, the Amway business has not appeared to produced much fruit in North America. It seems that any new success is simply replacing older pins who no longer qualify. In my opinion, it is a telltale sign that Amway has stopped reporting North American sales. I'm sure if sales were up, they would stand on their rooftops and trumpet out such success. While Amway reported an increase in sales, there is insufficient data to determine the cause and effect of the sales increase. I have heard some chatter that it could be a result of increased prices. I wish the corporation would just be more transparent about these issues.

To summarize, "anyone" can succeed. But that simply means that you never know who the next platinum or diamond may be. You don't know where they will come from. And it is unlikely to be a new recruit. If you are using a system such as N21, WWDB, or BWW, then I can say with certainty, that "everyone" cannot succeed.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that when some Amway freaks show up here or at Anna Banana's blog to defend the great Amway Plan, they invariably say that "This business is not for everyone," or "It's not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme," or "Only few dedicated people will get to the top."

That's in complete contradiction to what is told to prospective recruits at a meeting.

Which is the truth? That everyone can hit it big in Amway, or that only a few will hit it big in Amway?

Imagine an officer on the battlefield saying to his men: "All of you can survive this coming firefight! But only a few of you will actually survive this firefight!"

I wonder what the morale of his men would be like.

Joecool said...

Yes, the "anyone" is misleading. Just as "anyone" can win the lottery.

Ben Dover said...

Your article had a couple of terrific points I would like to harp on.

1. The chatter out of both sides of their mouths. My sponsor suggested that everyone will be successful as long as they follow the system to the letter. There was also the mention of a 100% success rate if you follow the system and 0% success rate if you don't. Yet, at the FED I attended, Brad Duncan had no problem getting up on the stage in which he was worshiped, and bring in some of the most damning truth. He was so cocky he actually told people that 95% would give up after that weekend, and 99.9% would never make diamond...W T F, out of 8000 people could 99.9% really not follow this "simple" system of duplication? Are we, as human beings, so retarded that this 100% fool proof system has a failure rate of over 95%?

2. You mentioned the downward sales, and compared Amway to gambling. When you play the slots in Vegas, it is nearly identical to Amway reporting their sales numbers. If the sales are up, you will here everyone talking about it every second, and if the sales are down, it is nothing but silence. So much for fair reporting :(

Joecool said...

Ben, great observations.

Imagine this. They tell you to copy, duplicate. It's simple and easy. Anyone can copy right? But at the same time, to tell you that 99% will not make it? Even people who frequent casinos will generally win more than 1% of the time they visit.

And yes, when things are going so well, the Amway world is quiet. Funny how that works.