Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Amway WWDB King Pin Puryear Passes Away?


James Ronald Puryear, has died.

His office in Spokane Valley, World Wide Dream Builders, confirmed his death but declined to provide any other information.

At one time World Wide Dream Builders had more than half a million distributors in over 30 countries. Puryear, known as Ron, ran the business with his wife, Georgia Lee Puryear.

Locally, the Puryear family may be best known for the construction of a 26,000-square-foot vacation home along the Spokane River in Post Falls. The “Amway House” quickly became a landmark for boaters when it was built over the course of five years, starting in 1995. It features 13 bedrooms and bathrooms, a saltwater pool, immaculate grounds, stunning views and several boat docks. It’s currently for sale, priced at just under $10 million - down from $20 million in 2010.

During construction, neighbors complained that full-size Greyhound buses loaded with Amway distributors would stop by on their way to Amway conferences in Spokane.

Joe's commentary: My condolences to his family. He is the third crown ambassador in recent years to pass away (Bill Britt and Jim Dornan). Oddly enough, despite a great degree of alleged wealth, these crowns never "walked away" from Amway to quietly enjoy life. They ironically and apparently worked until they could work no longer. Rest in peace.


Ben Dover said...


While I appreciate the sentimental attitude toward the subject, I'm truly confused as to why you would be anything other than giddy at this point. These AMO leaders are the most evil of evil beings, and found ways to screw millions of people. I'm not trying to target you, but you have made an agenda for years to target Puryear's organization, and it would seem you are almost sad that your great adversary is gone.

Joecool said...

Ben, I was a part of WWDB and yeah, I feel like Ron was probably one of the Kingpins who ran the show of deceit. But even though my blog focuses on the problems with WWDB, I don't really see any point in spitting or dancing on someone's grave. It does no good.

But I will keep writing to expose WWDB practices so people can have access to valuable information abut what to expect and how they might entice prospects.

Lorikeets said...

I don't know a thing about this man or his family but it's way more graceful to acknowledge this life and death kindly than crow about it. It'd be stooping pretty low to do that and that's not why we are here!

rocket said...

Plus acting happy about someone being dead is classless and somewhat reminiscent of what a gun Ho Amway IBO would do.

I like to think we're better than that. Good job Joecool.

Joecool said...

Thanks Rocket!

Ben Dover said...

To set the record straight, I'm not someone who supports celebrating the death of another but rather their life. However, Puryear is a perfect example of someone who doesn't deserve condolences or any positive vibes, and his wife is just as guilty as he is.

With that being said, I find it difficult to understand this sentimentalism. Call me brash, but it just seems strange, and again I'm not expecting you to be "spitting or dancing on someone's grave".

Joecool said...

Ben, I get where you're coming from, but at this point, I've been out of Amway for nearly 20 years and I have moved past any hard feelings. That said, I haven't "forgotten" about the trap I feel into with Amway so I continue to post articles to expose bad advice or bad business practices so prospects can access it and benefit from my experiences.

Jerry D. said...

When a con man dies, it's a good thing, because he can't con any more victims.

Joecool said...

That is true, but sadly, the teaching gets "duplicated" by the other diamonds.

Devin Leach said...

Getting into any MLM or NW marketing company is a total volunteer sport. We're all grown adults here, so please quit trashing and dissing Ron Puryear for your short comings and inadequacies. He was an amazing man, husband, father and leader. If you felt 'duped', then oh well, that's on you, NOT him or anyone else ! :/

Quit the blame game folks, it doesn't suit you or any of us !

Joecool said...

Who was trashing and dissing Ron Puryear?

Anonymous said...

To Devin Leach --

Why is it a "blame game" to point out that Puryear and his wife ran a pyramid-scheme racket that duped thousands of small IBOs of their money?

The WWDB subsystem of Amway is simply a front for collecting fees and charges and function-ticket money from a lot of deluded people. Do you think it's OK to trick people into thinking that they'll be millionaires and live off residual income?

Regardless of Puryear's personal qualities, he is still guilty of being a con-man. And you can't come here and try to order us to stop stating that plain fact. Got that, Devin?

Anonymous said...

Amway was determined NOT to be a pyramid by the FTC back in the 70's so what are you talking about??