Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Truth About Amway Diamonds?

One of the things that irks me about some Amway leaders is their blatant revisionist history. They never take responsibility for anything except for the miniscule amounts of success that seeps through their system. Real problems and issues are ignored, or leaders pretend they never happened, or they simply rewrite history to fit their goals and agendas. And to make matters worse, these same leaders teach their downline to accept personal responsibility for their failures, even when downline faithfully purchase and apply teaching from tools such as voicemail, standing orders and functions.

One good example was the complete lie that nobody made profits from tools. Then when caught red handed, leaders now admit that they make profits from tools but nobody seems to know exactly how much, or how you actually qualify to receive compensation. And there was no backlash for having told such blatant lies.

Leaders in my former LOS, WWDB used to teach how so few IBO couples ever gets divorced. I heard that Amway couples had a 2% divorce rate as compared to the rest of the world where over 50% of couples get divorced. Yet, WWDB uses their own revisionst history. One good example is Howie Danzik, who WWDB says built his business as a single and later married Theresa Tsuruda. I guess I must have imagined the emerald function I attended where Howie and his wife at the time, Susan, said they built the business together. There are other examples of this, but what amazes me is how the downlines seem to ignore these facts.

Another fairly recent example was how an IBO insisted that a prominent triple diamond in WWBD (Duncan)did not have homes foreclosed or was not involved in chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, even when there are numerous public documents providing ample evidence that it is true. It's mind boggling. If Tiger Woods were a diamond and denied that he had any affairs, I bet his downline would believe him as well. Scary.

I just have to wonder when IBOs, who dedicate themselves to various systems, will ever hold these leaders accountable for their actions. If you buy a television and it didn't work, you would ask for a refund. Well, if those standing orders and functions contain vital information and you apply them and they don't work, you should ask for a refund as well. People should also ask upline the tough questions. If someone gives you bad advice, they should be held accountable. If someone tells you buying a home with a mortgage is stupid because of the interest you will pay, then you find out they have "interest only loans", that makes them a hypocrite and their advice should be questioned.

Don't allow these well compensated leaders to simply rewrite history to ignore their mistakes and trangressions.


Anonymous said...

The Amway revisionist history is truly Orwellian in nature. My ex is in LTD, which if I understood correctly split off from BWW. The split happened sometime before I met my ex in 2010.

Anna Banana has some links on her site to the Dateline segments about Amway. The videos are taken at a BWW function in 2009. Two of the diamonds featured in the video are now prominent members of LTD, including the head honcho of LTD himself. I once sat through a LTD function where the rest of the diamonds celebrated this guy's 30 years as an LTD diamond... despite the video evidence to the contrary.

That's just one example. My ex's group had an upline diamond who passed away not too long after I met him. Not a month later there was a new upline diamond and everyone carried on like diamond #2 had always been there. Ex's sponsor even told the same stories in meetings he used to tell about diamond #1, just substituting diamond #2's name. No one ever mentioned diamond #1 anymore. Sometime later I asked my ex something about diamond #1 and my ex acted like he had no idea who I was talking about. Creepy as hell if you ask me.

"Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia"...

Anonymous said...

My God, it really is right out of Orwell! Diamond #1 simply went "down the memory-hole."

Anonymous said...

This is a problem that is endemic to capitalism itself. Businessmen believe that telling lies to increase profits or to enhance one's business is absolutely necessary and justifiable. They really do.

Let me give a truly horrific example. In 1906, after the massive earthquake and fire that devastated that city, the city fathers called a meeting of the most prominent San Francisco businessmen and marketeers to decide on what preliminary steps should be taken to begin the city's reconstruction.

The VERY FIRST THING that these businessmen insisted on was that the actual reported number of the dead should reduced massively, and that photographs of the most heavily destroyed areas of the city should be prohibited from being taken or published. In other words, lie about how many people were killed, and prevent the newspapers and magazines from showing the extent of the damage.

Their reason: "It would be bad for business if we told the unvarnished truth!"

To this day, as a result of these lies, we do not have an exact figure for the number of persons killed in the 1906 earthquake, and we have only limited photographic evidence of the destruction.

That's the mentality of the American businessman. And that's why Amway is short for "the American Way." Lying is OK if it helps your business.

Joecool said...

In the case of Amway diamonds, I'd say they are basically frauds or conmen posing as your business mentors. Everything they to do "help" you, costs you money.

And sadly, the help they provide is ineffective, based on the results that Amway itself discloses.

I suspect if we could review a diamond's actual financials, we would be appalled at what we see.

Anonymous said...

Joe, it's not just Amway. Amway didn't exist in 1906. But the same lying, deceptive, cover-up mentality of American business did.

Talk to an American businessman, and he'll say the following. "Business is like a competitive sport. You do what you have to do to win. If the referee blows the whistle on you, you pay a penalty. But if he doesn't blow the whistle, you get away with whatever you have done. That's it."

No morality. No ethics. No dedication to the truth. Just the same lousy attitude of a professional sports coach. That's the American businessman, and it goes a lot farther than Amway.

Joecool said...

It's not quite like businessmen. Even if businessmen compete and bend the rules for their own advantage, businesses still make money from selling stuff to the public.

Amway businesses make money by recruiting people into the business and make money by exploiting them.

That's the difference.