Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amway Crabs In A Pot?

Another funny story told by my uplines, and apparently still told today is the story of the crabs in a pot. That crabs will prevent other crabs who want to escape the pot by pulling them back in or pulling them down. The story goes that people in the working world also do this, by stepping on others to get ahead. I've never actually seen for myself if crabs actually pull each other down if one of them tries to escape, but I suppose it might be true. I do know of some people who will do anything to get ahead and they can be ruthless.

But the people who are willing to sacrifice others to get ahead do not appear to the the majority, but the exception. Many people are willing to work a career job and maybe over time, they move up the corporate ladder. Many people do this without having to "pull people down" in order to succeed. I believe this crab in the pot is just another ploy by uplines to get IBOs to think that their friends and family, by warning them of the potential perils of Amway, are just crabs pulling you back into the pot. It simply isn't true. Think about it, why are there so many negative stories and experiences floating around out there about Amway and the tool systems? Why is there a lack of new success continuosly emerging fro Amway? Who do diamonds quit or walk away from the business under unfriendly terms? Where are all the people who retired and walk the beaches of the world? Why do crown ambassadors keep working until they die?

Maybe the success you think there is in Amway simply doesn't exist. Let me repeat. Maybe the success you were led to believe exists in Amway, just isn't there. Amway's been around more than 50 years. Why can't anyone name a dozen or so people who built their Amway business once, then walked away, collecting significant residual income since? I wonder why Amway doesn't advertise this as a benefit of being an IBO?

Speaking of crabs in a pot. Ever wonder why all these virtuous diamonds break away from their beloved mentors to form their own groups? Ever wonder why there are countless issues of diamonds suing diamonds over tool income? If the money coming in is uncountable, why can't these diamonds come to a peaceful agreement? Why use lawyers which many diamonds talk about a evil because lawsuits are often about getting something for nothing.

Maybe it is the diamonds themselves who are crabs in the pot, all pulling each other down whenever one of them is on the verge of success? Maybe the diamonds are the crabs in the pot pulling IBOs down and squeezing tool money out of them?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct, Joe. Amway is about the big fish eating all the little fish.

When Amway freaks tell prospective recruits that their family and friends are simply "crabs pulling them back down into the pot," the translation into simpler English is this: "All your friends and family are failures, and they want you to be a failure too."

That's absurd. And it is deeply ironic in light of the fact that 99% of Amway IBOs lose money while in "the Plan." In short, Amway pretty much guarantees that you WILL be a failure!

The types who hit it big in Amway are the viciously aggressive and competitive amoralists. THEY become the big pins and diamonds and crown ambassadors, not anybody else. These types would have succeeded in any racket; they just happened to latch on to the MLM scam.

Joecool said...

The amazing part of what diamonds do (even if disgusting) is they get the new recruits to trust them over longtime trusted friends and family.

I believe that yes, most of these diamonds would have the skills to succeed in other businesses such as used car salesmen or pharmaceutical sales.

Anonymous said...

Let me make an educated guess here about Amway freaks.

If an IBO is really more willing to trust some big-pin up-line over his own family and tried-and-true friends, then there is something very psychological screwed up in that IBO.

Family and friends are like gold. How can you disregard them in favor of some asshole MLM jockey? How can you cast aside the advice of family members who love you to listen instead to some fuck in a cheap business suit, orating on the absolute importance of Ditto and CommuniKate?

It seems to me that an IBO who would do such a thing suffers from deep self-loathing, and from a deep grievance against his family. He hates himself, and he thinks his family and friends are to blame for what he is.

Amway looks for that kind of guy. He's the type who'll become "Core," and slavishly adhere to the cult's "Plan." As for the other people who actually sign up in Amway to make money -- well, they'll drop out pretty soon.

Joecool said...

People end up shunning family because they truly want o believe that life long residual willable income can be made and they believe that the diamond is their key to accessing that lifestyle.

I'm sure many IBOs plan to do good for their family and friends but the system chews them up and spits them out instead.

Anonymous said...

Aren't uplines afraid that their downlines are advancing. Uplines don't want their downlines to advance because the tools profit will be shared.

Joecool said...

Yes, upline wants you to advance for a while. I believe they just don't want you to go diamond because then you get a cut of the tools. They're probably happy and cheerleading you when you go 1000 PV, etc.