Friday, July 22, 2016

Amway And The "Rich Dad"?

Based on my experience in Amway, my blogging experience, and observation of other people who give financial advice such as real estate gurus who teach you to buy property with no money down, or others such as Robert Kiyosaki for that matter, all show testimonials of sucessful people. Obviously they do not show you the vast majority of people who try their systems and fail. I believe failure is the norm for people using these system, although they will show off the rare successes and pass them off as the norm.

It is my informed opinion that whether it is Amway, WWDB, BWW, N21, real estate or the cashflow business, the vast majority of people who try these systems do not make any kind of significant income. Sure, some do, and those are shown as the possibilities. But if you watch infomercials, you will see in small print on the bottom of the screen, "unique experience", your results may vary. I believe that a similar message used to be at the end of Amway diamond recordings as well. If success is a unique experience, then what is the typical experience? The typical experience is probably a loss.

These systems in general do not work for various reasons. Many people simply do not have the acumen to work the system. Or the system has too many variables for the system to work, or the system calls for things beyond your control. For example, success in Amway generally requires you to sponsor others, something that is beyond the control of most people. Add in the lazy and people who are hoping for a quick score and it is understandable that most will fail. But these systems are often set up where the majority simply cannot all succeed. Nowhere is that more true than the Amway business where the pyramidal compensation plan nearly guarantees failure for the lower level IBOs. In multi level marketing, many comp plans are set up just that way. You need the lower levels to work and eat losses so you can profit. It's shown quite apparently when you the plan, such as Amway's 6-4-2 plan. Just a cursory review of Amway's common 6-4-2 or other similar version plans show a few prospering and the masses are not.

So what can someone do? Well, it may no be as sexy or attractive but a part time job and investing and saving might be something to think about. Even a part time business where you focus on selling products for a profit might work. It just seems prudent to avoid these "systems" as the primary beneficiary of these "systems" are the ones who directly profit from them.


Anonymous said...

All MLM schemes depend primarily on recruitment, and the continuous recruitment of others further down the line. The "products" are meaningless, and serve only as a cover for recruitment.

So, if an IBO is trying to sign up a down-line, all he can honestly say is this: "I'll make money by recruiting you. You'll make money by recruiting others." But the only persons who are going to be good at that are fast-talking schmoozers who generate a lot of hope and hype. And even then, most people will fail at the scheme because it just isn't feasible, and because any profits will be eaten up by the tool racket, the silly CommuniKate system, and the stupid functions.

Joecool said...

Yes, recruitment is the key to succeeding in am MLM pyramid. Look at Herbalife's recent events as a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn about what is a pyramid and the network marketing. Amway is a fantastic opportunity.

Joecool said...

Amway is a legal product pyramid. It's a fantastic opportunity if you own Amway or if you are allowed to sell cds and seminars to IBOs. It's even a great opportunity for someone like Kiyosaki who sells books and other materials to IBOs.

The people who own Amway or profit from the sale of tools and functions make a nice living regardless of whether you make a cent in Amway or not.

Anonymous said...

Yet another typical Ambot with poor grammar and no facts. They never cease to amaze me. Shouldn't he be showing the plan rather than spending his time making stupid comments on blogs. **Former WWDB Lemming**

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:47 PM --

You need to learn to think clearly. All MLMs are pyramid schemes, disguised by the distribution of worthless "products" as a way to hide the primacy of recruitment. And Amway is the grandfather if all these rotten and corrupt schemes.

By the way, if Amway is "a fantastic opportunity," tell us how much money you have lost so far as a member of the cult.

Anonymous said...

Almost three weeks and no response from the Amway freak.

Sound of crickets chirping.

Whenever you ask these Amway assholes to give a direct response about what actual sum of money they have made (or lost), all you get is silence.

Unknown said...

I should be upset since you insult lemmings. Ambots are not as smart as lemmings