Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why Amway Sucks?

In my opninion, Amway sucks. I'm speaking from direct personal experience as I was an IBO. I was considered an up and coming IBO leader. I got in and got to work and sponsored a bunch of people and I moved up the ranks from 0 PV to 4000 PV. I was "changing pins" at the functions and even got the notice from the upline diamond as I was able to attend some "special" meetings and board plans with the diamond. That was all nice and seemed exciting because spending time with the diamond was coveted by many by experienved by few. A large part of why my business was growing was out of excitement. My group was growing and I figured I would "go direct" in the near future.

But I finaly figured out that Amway sucks. Now what does that mean? Well, I always had some suspicion about the functions and although the diamonds lied about making no profit on tools and functions, I figured that money had to be made in these big functions where more than 10,000 were in attendance. I started askiing questions and my upline swore that nobody made money. That profits were channeled back into helping IBOs. I used to wonder what that meant since they always seemed to be pushing the tools on us pretty hard.

Aside from my suspicion of the tools scam, I noticed that even though I was movng more volume, I still made no net profits and actually sustain losses when the major functions came around because of the tools and the functions expenses. I live in Hawaii so certain functions required us to travel by air and to pay for hotels, rental cars, etc. I started to calculate in my head and came to the conclusion that even going platinum wasn't going to result in me netting a profit. That's when I started to think about my involvement in Amway.

I started to honestly assess things and was able to admit that the products costed way too much and they weren't "special" as we tried to promote them. The tools seemed scammy but I didn't find out the entire truth until I had left the business. Even as a growing up and coming IBO, there was no money there, despite upline asurances that there would be. My upline also demanded to be consulted for things like purchasing a car, dating someone, or buying a home. I presume it's because they don't want you to waste your money on a car or a girlfriend when you could be buying more cds or function tickets. The final straw came when my sponsor told me to dump my girlfriend because I could build the business faster as a single (that girlfriend and I celebrated our 20th anniverssary recently).

When my sponsor told me that, I up and had a meeting with my group. I told them what had happened to me, I explained all my suspicions and that I had decided to quit. As a result, my sponsor has blown out a 4000 PV leg. All but 2 of my downline quit with me so my sponsor did not qualify as platinum and I don't think he ever regained his platinum ststus. Overall, IMO, Amway sucks. The products are average with a premium price and there's no money for the rank and file. The only ones making money are the ones who speak on stage and get a cut from the tools and functions. The rest are just "slaves" helping to build the pyramid.

In a recent and possibly landmark ruling, the FTC basically hammered Herbalife. WHile they did not pursure closing the business as a pyramid, Herbalife has a great number of restrictions that prevent pyramid like actions. They will be monitored against income claims at their functions, and they must prove that they have actualy non affilaited customers. It wil be interesting to see if Herbalife survives these new rules and to see if Amway will also be subject to them later. Stay tuned.....

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Anonymous said...

I have seen some legal concerns as well. Lot of F,L and H class visa holders are being lured into this. I am not sure but not all of those visa holders are allowed to work like this. At least not without proper permissions.

Can you write on post on that? I have seen lot of F1 students and some L1, H1/H4 guys promoting Amway here in California. Is that even legal?