Monday, July 11, 2016

Are Amway People Judgmental?

One of the things that my upline taught, and I believe is still taught today in various groups is that winners join Amway and losers do not. Or that you were a winner because you were doing something to better your financial future and those who didn't were losers. or broke minded. Of course the upline who said this had no knowledge about those who were not in Amway. Some of them may already have been financially sound or may have been doing something to better their financial future. I'm not sure why these uplines, who promote "positive", had to resort to calling people losers simpy because they did not agree that Amway was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's only positive if it's Amway related and anything non Amway is negative. Anyone see a problem with this?

In many games or sporting events, there will be someone or a team that wins the game and someone or a team that loses the game. Losing a game doesn't make you a loser and certainly, a team that wins the game would not say the losing team were losers. Can you imagine a Superbowl winning team's coach taking the podium after a game and saying his team won because the other team was a bunch or broke minded gutless losers? That would never happen, yet we see that frequently in the Amway/IBO world. The owner of Amway, Rich DeVos had once said in a recorded message that just because people do not agree with you (paraphrased) about Amway, does not make them losers and that IBOs should not call people losers. I believe this has been crafted by upline to apply pressure to downline IBOs to "never quit'.

In all of this, people's jobs are also criticized. That a job stands for "just over broke" or "jackass of the boss" and other insults. Many IBO's goals and dreams consist of ditching their job so they can sleep until "the crack of noon" and live a life of luxury. Ironically, it is most IBO's jobs that continue to produce income so they can pay their bills and feed their family. It is also an IBO's job that funds their Amway and AMO expenses such as product purchases and functions and voicemail, etc. Without having a job, most people could not even join Amway or pay for any tools. Sadly, most IBOs won't make any money in Amway either, and will have to continue to work at their jobs. I do not believe that someone earning an honest living working a job is a loser. Ironically, many of the folks calling people losers and broke are not even netting a profit from their Amway business!

Yes, in this business or the sports world, there will be winners and there will be losers. The question is whether you are the one who is allowed to be the judge of who is and who isn't. I would also suggest that IBOs are completely shutting down potential future business by their behavior. What if I went to a store to purchase something but the item was not available on that particular day, so I don't purchase anything and leave. As I leave, the store owner says I am a loser for not buying something there. Will I go back? Very unlikely. If an IBO truly sees themselves as a store owner, all prospects should be seen as potential business, whether future or present. If your upline tells you that people not interested are losers, you should hand him a mirror. Or inform your upline that when you point a finger at someone, there are even more fingers pointing back at you.


Anonymous said...

People become judgmental when they are deeply defensive about something.

Amway freaks know, deep down, that their business is fake. They are aware of the fact that it is essentially a smoke-and-mirrors scam designed to hook people into a pyramid scheme. What they are hoping for is the slim chance to develop enough down-line so that they will be included in the few winners.

But to accomplish this, you have to do a helluva lot of lying and cheating. And like all thieves, Amway freaks are aware that what they are doing is very shady or "dodgy," as the British say. And naturally they are defensive about it.

To cover up your bad conscience, you act in a blustery, know-it-all manner. You call everyone who declines to join Amway "a loser." You make fun of people who have perfectly respectable "jobs." You cut off contact with anyone among your friends and family who is skeptical about Amway. You become a cultic devotee to your up-line, and to the fat-assed Platinums and other big pins above him.

Presto: you become a judgmental Ambot.

Joecool said...

Yep, I agree. I occasionally get comments from people lecturing me about how my blog might prevent someone from joining who really needs Amway. I just laugh when I read canned and obviously brainwashed infused answers. LOL

Anonymous said...

Amway freaks are known to have a "crab mentality". That is when they see others succeed without joining amway, they will find ways to say mean things like "losers", "negative" and other insulting statements.

When they have a promising career, ambots will insult their jobs because deep down, an ambot's job doesn't produce any fruit so they want to justify it with their insults to bring themselves up.

Amway freaks are jealous with successful people.

Joecool said...

Agreed. And what's sneaky and insidious about it? The diamonds are hucksters making money by lying and deceiving and selling tools to the faithful downline. The rest of the IBOs are losing money thinking they are pseudo successful It's really sad.

Elliott Brown said...

I jut quit Amway, best decision ever. It almost ran my gf and I broke and turned us against each other due to financial issues. We were both the vulnerable type - low income entry level jobs looking for a break. BE AWARE. We are the type all recruiters are looking for. They touch on basic weaknesses as being able to provide you a chance to be financially free and able to help people. If I had 100k to invest in Amway I would because I am a salesman. But if you have a conscious, this isn't for you. Anyone contact me at and I'll tell you about my recent experience. Do not buy into Amway.