Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Amway Diamonds Are Just Actors?

In my opinion, Amway diamonds are nothing more than actors. They portray a role and while they might be envied by their downline, when the lights are turned off, what remains? I believe most diamonds are simply middle class people portraying lifestyles of the rich and famous. We could debate whether or not a diamond has an easy job. Heck, I could concede that speaking at functions can be better than a 9-5 job, but the volatility of an Amway business can make a diamond live under greater stress than someone with a regular and predictable job.

My former diamond used to iive in a middle class neighborhood and he told the group that he was buying a property in an exclusive gated community and was going to build himself a nice home. He said his home would be on a hill right above a nice beach where he could enjoy his hobby of spearfishing and the ocean. I don't know if he ever built that home but last I heard, he is living in the State of Washington. Makes me wonder why he would move there when he was allegedly building his dream home in Hawaii near one of his favorite beaches. (Maybe the cost of living is cheaper there?)

Think of the diamond this way. It is a fact that most diamonds are not Q12 (which means they have diamond qualifications for all 12 months of Amway's fiscal year). A Q12 diamond averages about $600,000 from Amway (source: but only a small percentage of diamonds are Q12. The other average non Q12 diamonds average about $150,000 a year and they augment that income with tools scam income. So an average diamond might make in the range of $250,000. You may thing they are "rich" but after business expenses are considered, plus taxes and family medical and dental insurance, and other miscellaneous business expenses, a diamond is not financially capable of buying homes in cash, having exclusive golf club memberships and buying ferraris in cash. What is likely is that a diamond lives a middle class lifestyle while acting like they are rich. I had a conversation with a former emerald who told me that most of her emerald income (or diamond for that matter) comes in the form of an annual bonus so her monthly income was relatively small.

There might be diamonds who are wealthy. But if they truly are, it is because they are at a level higher than diamond and they are also very likely to have income from sources other than Amway. We know that back in 2009, Greg Duncan a WWDB triple diamond filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Montana and it is public record. He had homes foreclosed. This man stood on stage when I was an IBO and told the audience that anyone who makes a loan is "stupid". I wonder how Mr. Duncan felt when he reneged on his multiple home loans, despite having a triple diamond income from Amway of about $40,000 a month?

For these reasons, I say Amway diamonds are just actors. Some better than others, but in the end, when the lights and shut off, they are not much better off financially than someone with a good paying job. In fact, I have read in several places that truly rich people don't show off their wealth. That is food for thought isn't it?


Anonymous said...

haha that's why there's gonna always be a 95% and a 5% population. winners are the 5% and the other 95% will think like you. keep thinking like you are. and you'll have the same friends same type of people and you'll have the same results that everyone has. a job a nice little car, nice little house, some kids, a dog. and then you'll die. A Plant! bye bye

Joecool said...

You've been brainwashed well by your Amway leaders. You think that there's a 5% winners population. In Amway the winners population is effectively 0% (less than 1%). You think you're successful but you're not. Even diamond income isn't that much after you factor in actual business expenses.

Did you see that Amway revenues are down about 25% in the last 3 years?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11:24 PM --

You're the typical Amway asshole.

Tell us how much you've lost in Amway so far.