Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Amway Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom! That was one of the major battle cries when I was recruited for the Amway business. You gain control of time and money by creating residual or passive income. That is true financial freedom. You wake up at noon, no job, and just do whatever you please, whenever you please. I remember the speaker saying that broke/unemployed people also had freedom, but it was different because they were broke and could not afford to go golfing or do other activities that required money on a regular basis.

I am assuming that this is still the case for many IBOs. Of course, upline leaders may toss in a disclaimer that you don't get rich quick as an IBO, but the pitch apparently still contains the financial freedom and residual income theme, based on my experiences with IBOs. IBOs still think they will be rich. Also, 2-5 years sounds like "get rich quick" to me.

But hey, financial freedom would be a great thing, don't get me wrong. Who wouldn't want to be 35 years old with enough cash to never have to work again? I mean I could spend some time imagining how fun that would be. It would also be fun to imagine what you would do with all the cash if you hit the powerball lottery as well. But for the starry eyed IBOs, I simply have a few questions for you to ponder. A few realistic questions that you should be asking yourself. The answers to these questions will tell you a lot.

1. Who in your group or upline truly has achieved financial freedom? Have you seen their financials or simply a display of wealth such as mansions and fancy cars? Mansions and fancy cars could just be a massive pile of debt. Not too long ago, there apparently were diamonds who had their homes foreclosed, and a triple diamond who was in bankruptcy proceedings. Find out if anyone in your group/upline has actually achieved the success that they are using to recruit you. Also, if they are financially free, why do they work at function after function? Traveling and speaking might not be a traditional job, but it is still work, nonetheless.

2. Even if you find someone who is retired and golfing everyday because of Amway residual income, ask yourself what the likelihood is that you will be able to achieve the same results. If diamonds are still working, what chance do you have of success if you are new or experienced in Amway, and have few or no downline. More than likely, your chance of winning the lottery will be greater than your chance of achieving a significant residual income from your Amway business. Also, I don't know of any Amway retirees who built their business once and walked away with any significant residual income from Amway. Do you?


Anonymous said...

Amway promises financial freedom, but only as an ideal, a hope, a dream. It is something to aspire to and to aim at, but not necessarily to actually attain. Since Amway admits that 99% of IBOs fail to make any profit at all, this is indisputable.

The really evil thing occurs when those who are recruiting you tell you that success is GUARANTEED. And let's not have a bunch of Amway partisans show up here to deny that this is happening. IT'S HAPPENING ALL THE TIME. Loud-mouthed, fired-up freaks are always insisting that if you join Amway and duplicate your up-line, you're guaranteed to become a millionaire eventually.

When a down-and-out, hopeless, desperate loser hears that, he will naturally be drawn into the scheme. But all that happens is that he is bled dry of whatever funds he has by a predatory up-line. Amway thrives by MILKING LOSERS, not by mentoring winners. Things are the exact opposite of what Amway propaganda says.

Joecool said...

Spot on comments.

Anonymous said...

These predatory uplines seek out individuals to control and in most cases individuals who can not afford to lose money on this scam. These selfish money hungry uplines are only out for themselves at the financial cost of those they add temporarily as downlines. It is sooo sad to watch them lie and take from those who are in need and seeking stability with a solid weekly income.

Definition of a parasite:

A spineless organism that lives on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense until the spineless organism has depleted all nutrients available from the host until the host dies. The parasite will then discard the dead host to seek out a new host to derive nutrients from.

Could we then say?

Definition of an Upline IBO:

A spineless upline IBO (organism) that lives off of the downline IBO (its host) and financially benefits by taking money (nutrients) from the downline IBOs until the spineless upline (organism) has depleted all the downline IBO's funds available (nutrients) until the downline IBO (host) has no money left (dies). The spineless upline IBO (parasite) will then discard the financially broke downline IBO (host) to seek out a new downline IBO (new host) to derive money (nutrients) from.