Friday, May 12, 2017

""Anyone"" Can Succeed?

One of the "false hope" things my upline used to tell our group was that everyone was going to succeed. That although things are tough, one day we will all be at diamond club together looking back at the struggles and laughing. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. One of the things that Amway promoters like to state is that "anyone" can succeed", but in the same line of reasoning, I could also say that "anyone" can win the lottery. The same thing can apply to not "everyone" can succeed in Amway and not "everyone" can win the lottery. Amway is not a game of chance like the lottery, but this still applies and ironically, the outcomes from participation is similar to a lottery. Few winners and masses of losers.

Using the term "anyone can succeed" is simply a statement that gives people hope. It appears that Amway promoters love to use the psychology of giving people hope as a means of recruiting and retaining IBOs. Hope is what keeps people motivated. The problem with the Amway opportunity, is that it is false hope. It is very easy to see that in most groups, the majority of downline IBOs will lose money. The majority of active IBOs, if they receive a bonus, will get only about $10 a month from Amway. If they use voicemail, or subscribe to standing order, they are already at a net loss for the month. Never mind the open meetings, major functions and other monthly expenses associated with the Amway business.

I believe it is hope that makes gambling popular. One pull on a slot machine handle can change your life. Many IBOs believe that one good run of business can change thir lives. Unfortunately, the Amway business has not appeared to have produced much fruit in North America. It seems that any new success is simply replacing older pins who no longer qualify. In my opinion, it is a telltale sign that Amway has stopped reporting North American sales. I'm sure if sales were up, they would stand on their rooftops and trumpet out such success. But Amway has seen double digit decreases in sales each of the last few year. Are people beginning to see through the Amway fa├žade?

To summarize, "anyone" can succeed. But that simply means that you never know who the next platinum or diamond may be. You don't know where they will come from. And it is unlikely to be a new recruit. If you are using a system such as N21, WWDB, or BWW, then I can say with certainty, that "everyone" cannot succeed.


Bscotthay said...

Then why are they #1 in the MLM/ D.S. industry? Re:(source) D.S. News(not affiliated with Amway)
Sounds like you've just got sour grapes bro.

Joecool said...

I'm not sure? Probably because a sucker is born every minute?

Anonymous said...

To Bscotthay --

How much money have you personally lost in Amway so far?

Also, do the first two letters of your name stand for Bull Shit?

Unknown said...

Ok off shear basics from the meanings of words but making money out side of just buying a lotto ticket and sitting back waiting for money to come fall into you pockets is a very stubborn and lazy way of thinking. Yes anyone can succeed but that also mean putting in work. Just because you lack the focus and drive to better yourself and would rather sit on the couch waiting for you return. All I can truly say is enjoy your mobile home and colors light im going out to talk with people and use a positive mindset to show those that want to put in a little work on the side of a 9-5 to make extra income. I suggest anyone interested to do more research and ask questions don't let opportunity pass you by just because someone is comfortable in a trailer park and doesn't wish to do better in life.

Joecool said...

Unknown, isn't it sad that Amway isn't a game of chance, but your likelihood of success is basically the same as buying a lotto ticket and sitting back and waiting for money to fall into your pockets? At least with lotto, you don't need to do any work other than buying a ticket.

You also wrongly assume that people who don't choose Amway are broke and cannot succeed. I own a home in Kailua Oahu near Lanikai beach. It's nearly paid off and I'll be retiring soon at the age of 55. Go look up the median price of a home where I live and you'll see that it's very likely to whop your jaws.

kwaaikat said...

Unknown, nobody suggests that if you live in a trailer park (or anywhere else for that matter), that buying a lotto ticket and sitting back waiting is a prudent and wise thing to do. The point here is, as foolish as that is, on propable outcome (based Ameays own stats) Amway would make even less sense.

The disturbing thing here is not that, but even if you are exceptionally talented and committed to be that rare exception for whom Amway will really work, even then you would only be able to do so by recruiting hundreds of downline of which the vast majority will waste time and money.

These very dire outcomes are not so much opinion as Amway's own published stats.

Of course all these facts and logic are drowned in slogans and myths at Amway meetings, beautifully esposed by your post; One of these slogans, as irrational as it is, are that everybody outside Amway gets exploited by evil bosses, have no free time, and often live in trailer parks. If anything, the opposite is more true.

Anonymous said...

To Unknown at 12:06 AM --

Your post is ungrammatical, barely punctuated, misspelled, illogical, and in some places utterly impenetrable. (What the heck is "colors light"?)

And yet you are going to make a fortune in Amway, and help others make extra income.

In addition, you don't know a thing about Joe Cool, but you assume he's broke and living in a mobile home. What kind of a presumptuous asshole are you? Joe Cool is already a millionaire in his property holdings alone.

If you are an example of the kind of idiot who is attracted to Amway, no wonder the company is losing ten percent of its sales every year.

Anonymous said...

Unknown12:06, right because the alternative to doing Amway is living in a trailer park. Keep slurping up that cliche diamond speak while they syphon as much money out of your pockets as they can. My financial situation is immeasurablely better since I quit that scam 8 years ago, and I definitely don't live in a trailer park.