Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Is Amway Like Las Vegas?

I had an interesting inspiration recently. I thought of Amway like Las Vegas. Amway defenders will swoop in and claim that Amway is not gambling, therefore, not a valid comparison. But even with that, I still say Amway is like Las Vegas. The diamonds parade around on stage, trying to display the appearance of success and that "anyone" can do the same. To that, I say "anyone" can put a few dollars in the mega bucks slot machine and hit the big jackpot.

While the diamonds portray some dream lifestyle, so does Las Vegas. The strip hotels are fabulous and opulent in luxuries. Just walking through some of the newer hotels can leav you in Awe. And all of this can be yours for the right price. You can get almost anything you want in Vegas if you have enough money. In Amway, you can get almost anything you want if you can fool enough people into believing in you, allowing them to follow your ause and sign up somewhere in your downline

While Vegas might be legendary while the glitz and glamour, the casinos are full of people willing to lose their hard earned money in the hopes of shrinking it rich. The same thing applies in Amway, except that most Vegas visitors understand that the deck is stacked against them and that winning would be great but not expected. In Amway, the downline are led to believe they will all make it big and be on stage as emeralds and diamonds. The stark reality and the insidious part of Amway is that the hotels and can luxurious and opulent while the streets of Begas are littered with homeless people and the casinos are full on people losing money each and every day.

Las Vegas was not built on winners and the Amway diamonds are not built on winners. Amway is built on millions of people churning and quitting. While in Amway, they hope or believe they will eventually "make it". In the meantime, they spend money on products and training that they would have not otherwise, and that doesn't factor in the loss of time. At least in Las Vegas, even if you lose money, you probably had a good time and and a few complimentary meals or perks. The same cannot be said of Amway.


Eric Seay said...

What was your structure in business?

Joecool said...

Sponsored 12 frontline and had eagle parameters at 4000 PV.

Anonymous said...

In Las Vegas you know you're getting ripped off, but you accept it because it's entertainment and it's just temporary. In Amway, you stay in it as a permanent delusion.