Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beware Of Amway Mentors?

In recent weeks, I have received various emails from Amway IBOs and prospective Amway IBOs asking for my opinion and advice on whether to join Amway or what I thought about Amway. I never tell anyone directly that they should not join or join, but I offer them my thoughts and experiences and allow them to at least make an informed decision about Amway and the Amway systems such as WWDB, BWW, LTD, Network 21 etal. Many people are not familiar with these systems and the system leaders are typically diamonds and above and although they do not present actual credentials, most people assume they are wealthy beyond belief and should be worshipped and given the utmost respect.

However, I have seen chinks in the Armor. I saw a triple diamond file chapter 7 bankruptcy and lose homes to foreclosure. Another "lesser" diamond in WWDB also lost a home to foreclosure. A very valid question I have is how they can lose homes to foreclosure when they cry out on stage that diamonds pay cash for everything? What is also stunning is that the triple diamond only made $40,000 a month. Now that's a great income but is that what you would think a triple diamond would make from Amway? How can you afford mansions and jets and a fleet of sports cars when you earn about the equivalent of minimum wage in the national football league? The answer is you make additional money by selling your downline voicemail, CDs, books and seminar tickets, along with charging them for meetings and other events. More on that to come.

Amway leaders often present themselves as "mentors" but mentors don't make money from the people they mentor. For example, my grandfather teaching me to have character or to be a good man would be mentoring. Someone charging me for voicemail or books and CDs and making money even if I lose my shirt can hardly be considered a mentor. I would say that person is a paid consultant who has no accountability for my results in Amway. As far as I know, no Amway upline has refunded money because you lost your shirt following their advice. I hear stories at times about people losing a lot of money and while they can return seem Amway products, I don't hear stories about refunds from the "tools scam".

And that's the worst part about the Amway "mentors". They have never been held accountable for the massive numbers of people who have spent money in WWDB, BWW, LTD or Network 21 and didn't make money despite doing everything their "mentors" or upline leaders advised. Also, there is no documented evidence that the system of books and CDs and seminars do anything to help IBOs make money, unless you're selling these materials. My advice to Amway prospects and potential IBOs - Beware of Amway "mentors"


Anonymous said...

The job of a real mentor is to help you.

Amway "mentors" do nothing but scream "Duplicate me! Duplicate me!" at you. And when you duplicate them and fail anyway, they tell you it's your fault.

Joecool said...

And they charge you for that advice of duplicate me.

kwaaikat said...

Good point Joe. This alone should trigger serious warning lights about the opportunity.

A business mentor that has no vested interest at all is the best. One that is a shareholder could also work, at least he is in it for better or for worse in terms of profitibility.

But a relationship where the mentor benefits from high turnover and high overheads (training), but has no interest in profitibility, is much worse than not having a mentor.

That, together with the fact that the upline's credentials are not allowed to be questioned in order to qualify him/her as mentor in the first place, practically guarantees very poor advice.

Unknown said...

Please do not listen to the mentor bashers. I am currently being mentored, and my mentors are the most awesome people I have every met! My life has Never been better. This was answered prayer for me! I am not speaking for all mentors because my sister and bother in law have been in the business since 2003 and love it, however when they began there was not mentorship. They have mentors now, but they are not very strong. Which explains why their business has not grown. In business, it is always hard work, nothing comes easy. But I have seen and met many successful people build their business. So don't know it if you have not been involved.