Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amway IBOs Critical Of Jobs?

One of the things that IBO leaders do quite often in their recruitment pitch for Amway, is to put down people's jobs. They criticize people's bosses and the fact that an employee needs to report somewhere to earn a living. They try to paint the picture of a job being compared to slavery. They do this apparently to make people feel uncomfortable with their present situation so they will be open to looking at the Amway opportunity as a means to make a living. They may call a job "just over broke" or "jackass of the boss".

So I will ask - What's wrong with a job? A job is not slavery. People apply for their jobs and they agree to a wage or salary in exchange for their services. Certainly, you can leverage a higher wage or salary if you have an education or a skill, such as being able to work in the construction field. A job ususally offers more than just a wage. A job often allows one to have benefits such as medical insurance, a 401K retirement plan, and some other benefits such as paid vacation and/or sick leave.

A recent site visitor bemoans concept of working for minimum wage, where a husband and wife would earn in the neighborhood of 30K if they both work full time at minimum wage. Of course, a high school student can earn minimum wage so two adults only able to generate that kind of income makes me think my site visitor is speaking of people with very little to offer an employer. Most people may start out as entry level, but earn more and more as they gain experience and can offer more to their employer. An employee might also be able to promote themselves if they can prove to the employer that they can manage more responsibility.

What does the average Amway business owner experience? $202 a month (gross)income (which is probably way above average)? Most IBOs as outlined in "the plan" earn about $10 a month and may have expenses such as standing order which will take away from that tiny profit. Thus an average business building IBO stands to net a loss. It is very easy to look at the math and make that conclusion. A dedicated IBO attending meetings and functions and buying the other tools will likely spend more than $250 a month on average to be on the system. Couples will spend more. And that doesn't include the funds spent to do your 100 PV.

So I ask again. What's wrong with a job? You have a net gain each and every month, be able to pay for your living expenses, and allow you to contribute to society by paying taxes. The average CORE IBO is a drain on the US tax paying society by spending money on standing order and functions and then deducting these expenses when filing their taxes. The only beneficiary is the upline leaders who sell standing orders and function tickets. If the IRS actually took IBOs to task, I'd be interested to see what kinds of deductions would be not allowed? I bet it would help the US treasury to recover all that money.


kwaaikat said...

The IBO's are critical of JOBS and insulting people that depend on them. Then they say Amway or business is not for everyone. So according to their own beliefs, they are making fun of people with disabilities, and of how their disabilities keep on dragging them back. That is particularly ironic considering the last line of defense in Amway apologetics (when they run out of excuses for explaining lack of bottom line), is that you become a better person.

Anonymous said...

Bad-mouthing somebody else's "job" is really just a defense mechanism for people who are deeply defensive and insecure about their own way of making a living.

The average Amway IBO makes very little money, considering all the useless and absurd expenses he has with CommuniKate, Ditto, Standing Order, fees for dopey little night-owl meetings, and of course the spectacularly half-assed "functions" (usually three or four per year). Being in Amway is a net financial drain on his income.

So naturally the poor guy is defensive. When he can't convince somebody to join his down-line, he gets resentful. And that's when all the insults about how a job is "just over broke" start coming. The guy will go on and on about how anyone not in Amway is a loser who will be penniless at retirement, and how there won't be any "jobs" in the near future, and how only Amway offers real independence.

It's stupid, of course. Many persons with "jobs" are quite well off, and some of them are (because of wise investment) already millionaires. But the resentful, insecure, defensive Amway freak can't admit that, so he falls back on abuse and insult.

All this is understandable -- a little loser is usually filled with deep envy and rage. But what is unforgivable is the way that the higher-ups in Amway (the big pins, the Platinums, the Diamonds) actually encourage this defensiveness, and stoke the fires of IBO rage against non-Amway persons. They're the one spouting the jargon-bullshit about "prosuming" and "buying from your own store" and "the new business of the 21st century" and all the other totally fraudulent slogans that make Amway IBOs think of themselves as on the cutting edge of business.

At the core of Amway there is an unquenchable hatred of anyone who is perfectly happy at his job, or who has a comfortable income without hustling, or takes delight in spending his free time doing fulfilling thing, and who doesn't have to hang around Starbucks or McDonalds looking for potential recruits.