Monday, July 17, 2017

The Amway Warrior?

I received this comment by a fired up Amway and WWDB IBO two years ago. I think re-posting it now will be quite humorous. It might in interesting to note that I took "Bryant" up on his offer and friended him on facebook. After a week or two, he stopped responding to my comments and questions and a few months later, he unfriended me on facebook and apparently quit Amway. When I looked him up, he was not posting Amway stuff anymore and just reverted back to his "quitter" or Broke loser" lifestyle I am posting it for your reading enjoyment. BTW, I was downline of the infamous WWDB Duncans as an IBO. I wonder if Greg Duncan recovered from his chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009?

Bryant Mxxxxx July 31, 2015 at 4:29 AM

Dear Joe,

First, wow do you sound like a quitter; have you ever dedicated yourself to anything? Sorry that was an attack at you, I’m new to WWDB, and I enjoyed reading your quitting words and how you inspired more quitters to quit. I personally have researched WWDB before I came to the WWDB group because I seriously thought it was Amway and I’ve been approached 5x by Amway. Guess being a cage fighter gives me a great personality.

I would also like to call you out on your line ups since I know the Duncan’s beside their children could never possible be your uplines. Brad is very selective on who he mentors and it is usually the non-quitters that he mentor, the diamonds and emeralds, My upline Fenton and Susie Eng are mentored directly by Brad and Julie.

Before I was a Dream Builder, I was chasing the money; I sold drugs, damn right, just like the cartel blood that flows thru my veins. I was proud to be a drug dealer, finally I was a cool person, and then I woke up and realized ever one fronts that they have money but no one really knows how to get it. I held a regular job, sold drugs and trained every day to fight in a cage. Wow my life was in utter chaos, then my best friend asked me to meet her sponsor and mentor, Jerry Liu and Fenton Eng (emerald mentor) so with one foot out of the door and my right ass check of the chair ready to bolt, I sat down and meet them. First there was never any offer made in fact I had an application process to go thru and win my mentorship which I am so glad and happy I fought for it. I guess we all come from different paths and what im really trying to say is I would love to sit down and speak to you face to face and prove that your wrong about world wide dream builder, I haven’t paid out a single cent and I’ve so far been receiving the Kate messages for free and haven’t need to buy a single thing, yes I will because that apart of this program.

Did you expect money to fall from the sky? If you would have listened to your mentor, you would have learned one of the key parts to this entire program. Without HARDWORK you get nothing. Hard work is the key that slipped past you obviously! I have permanently been changed by the world wide group and will defend WWDB with my dying breath that’s what it means to not quit and not give in. I would love you to meet ALL of Fentons teams, Las Vegas and Atlanta and Bellingham Washington. Everyone of them would look at you and shake their heads, you were in and I don’t understand how you could leave. Unless…wait for it….. you’re a quitter. Hmm I was tired of being a loser and a quitter to now I am a worldwide dream builder for life! Plus the Family Reunion blew my mind thank God I’m willing to sacrifice for my future, unlike some cooljoe who wrote this blog.
With love because we all make mistakes,

Bryant Mxxxxx find me on facebook I dare you!


Anonymous said...

Lol this guy, I bet he eats his words now... though I hope he didn't go back to selling cocaine and meth otherwise he's the loser.

People should becareful with MLMs they can be very dangerous. ~Joseph Manman

Joecool said...

I hope he hasn't returned to selling illegal drugs but I took at look at his facebook page and he sure isn't in Amway anymore. It's a classic example of how they get pumped up, visit my blog while talking big and nowhere to be found only a couple of years later. I've seen it countless times since I've been running this blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've recently seen a lot of articles trying to legitimize MLMs lately as well, and fortunately I've seen a few that touch on why MLMs refuse to disclose everything. One thing this country, let alone the world, doesn't need is for MLMs to be normalize as a productive beneficial business. Even if some can make money and try to run it as a business, they serve no economical purpose for the masses since in order for a few to succeed many have to fail.

They also do not provide a real functional service or product otherwise companies like Amway would make billions being a part of the regular market. I like XS don't get me wrong but it would not do well in the market by itself. And their stuff is way to high with all of the inflation and taxes and shipping fees....sigh... having flashbacks
~Joseph Manman

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

The reality is if it’s important to you you will find a way if not you will find an excuse. I’m a licensed realtor and do pretty well but the truth is most realtors do not, does that mean being a realtor does not work? Just like any bussiness if you put the time in be persistent and never quit you will eventually succeed. I was involved in the bussiness with wwdb when I was 17 and now I’m 34 I never made much money from Amway, however the bussiness lesson I learned from being involved would be one of the determining factors in my success today. I also take full reasonsibility for the bussiness not working as I was not coachable but I’m thinking I may give it another go.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:21 PM --

You have a successful business as a realtor but now you want to get back into Amway?

Are you trying to kid us?

Anonymous said...

Bryant M's story doesn't make sense. He says he had a regular job, and also dealt drugs and did cage fighting.

Just being a drug dealer would have netted him close to a thousand dollars a day, tax-free. And this would be in addition to his regular salary and what he made as a cage fighter.

And yet he asks us to believe that he gave all of this up to join Amway's WWDB subsystem? He gave up over $1000 a day to collect a ten-buck monthly refund on his minimum PV?

Does anybody besides me think that this is highly implausible?