Friday, July 21, 2017

Your Upline Secrets?

One thing that I was unaware of as an Amway IBO was that our uplines were profiting from our tools purchases. I was in WWDB at the time and I was told very clearly that nobody made money from the tools, and in fact, I was also told that WWDB was a non profit organization. Both of these statements were bold faced lies told by WWDB leaders and they have never been held accountable. We were told that upline cared about us and our success, thus they spent their own money to fly to functions to teach us how to succeed.

Eventually, the internet amd other media made it impossible to cover up these lies and uplines finally admitted to audiences that they profitted from tools. However, it looks like they downplayed the magnitude of the tools profits. I believe some upline may have made most of their income from tools, especially leaders who may have fallen out of qualification (Amway says once a diamond, always a diamond). Now the upline admits they make some profits from tools, but there is still a great deal of secrecy in the tools business. What makes the whole thing ironic is that the uplines allegedly are not supposed to entice Amway prospects into joining by using the tools money as a draw, but at the same time, they are told that tools are vital to their success. I was told that nobody has ever succeeded without tools but I could try to be the first one. (Does that sound like tools are "optional?)

I wonder how many prospects or IBOs would be fired up about buying tools if they knew that their uplines might not currently be qualified at the level they claim to be, and knowing that the uplines will make a ton of money whether or not you make a cent as an IBO? Also, some uplines are shameless in pushing the tools on downline. Sure they might cut the newest guy a break and loan them some cds, but once that IBO decides to start building downline, they are likely to be told that a real business owner buys their own tools, or that a business owner needs to be a leader and purchase extra tools for their downline. It's a cycle that just keeps going because the people who could make a difference do not.

How would you feel if your upline is touting themselves as a financial genius, but in the background, their homes are foreclosed or they have financial difficulties? What if your upline touts their morals and you find out they are divorced or getting a divorce? What if your upline said Amway saves marriages? Your upline won't say they are perfect, but conversely, they should be held to the highest standards if they are using their status and touting morals as a means to be able to sell tools and make large profits.

Many prospects and IBOs don't know this, but I hope they take it to heart.

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Anonymous said...

It's all smoke and mirrors. I was down line of Greg Duncan, who as you know, went bankrupt. We were told the same thing, that no one made money on the tools and functions. Well I guess Greg wasn't gettin a big enough piece of the greed pie to sustain the life style he built on the backs of brain washed Ambots. It's funny how little things have changed since I woke up and left the cult in 1994. Same old Diamonds speaking at the major functions, sucking as much money as they can out of brain washed Ambots.