Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is Amway Your Hobby?

Many Anway IBOs get into the business with high expectations. They get in with oftentimes, a dream of early retirement, living a fabulous lifestyle, mansions, sports cars and "walking the beaches. In order to do this, IBOs are taught that they need to "plug into the system". So IBOs get on standing order, they attend all the meetings and functions, they read books and show the plan. They think these activities will make them rich. The sad reality is that it lines their upline's pockets.

But because the Amway business has so many handicaps and shortfalls, the IBO soon falls into the trap of "playing Amway". The IBO will do their 100 PV, either by self consumption or selling, or a combination of the two, and will continue to listen to the cds or tapes, and will continue to attend every meeting. When I was an IBO, our group had many who did not sponsor a single person, yet they were at all of the meetings and functions. These folks, in my opinion, had Amway as a hobby.

A hobby is something you do in your spare time, usually something you enjoy. For many people, Amway meetings are a social event. It is evidenced when some people say they enjoy the meetings, being with "positive people", and they have become nicer as a result of their involvement. While this may or may not be a side benefit of the functions and meetings, it is not relative to the bottom line of a business. A business exists to make money. If a business is losing money, expenses are usually cut.

If you have been an IBO for more than a month or two, have you actually sponsored someone? If the excitement of being a new IBO has not resulted in acquiring new downline, it is unlikely that you will ever have a downline. If you have been in the system reading books, listening to stnding order and attending functions and showing the plan, and you have no results, you have Amway as a hobby and not a business. Don't feel bad, sponsoring other IBOs is not a common or easy feat. But as a business owner, you should think about your involvement in the business and if you find you are participating in a hobby rather than running a profitable business, then you should decide whether or not you are accomplishing what you set out to do.

Are you running a business (to make money) or are you playing Amway?


Anonymous said...

If you already have a well-paying job, you can afford to "play" at the Amway hobby. Most long-term IBOs in Amway do this -- they keep on working at a regular 9 to 5 job, but spend extra time each week doing the Amway bullshit. And it costs them about 300 to 400 dollars per month.

Their rationale for this? They believe (or claim) that eventually they will get rich. It's total self-deception, but then again most people on the planet are wrapped up in some sort of self-deception.

The unique thing about Amway (and other MLMs) is that it has transmuted self-deception into a profitable racket for up-line.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you can make decent money sponsoring just one person and have them build a team to get paid from?

Joecool said...

You might be able to make some money off sponsoring one person but if you want to make significant money, you need to sponsor many people.

Anonymous said...

But not enough money to replace a full time income by any means?