Friday, February 2, 2018

Be Accountable In Amway?

One thing that our Amway upline hypocritically taught the group was to be accountable. It was taught as a part of the CORE activities that were allegedly needed in order for IBOs to succeed. Now I agree that in business, people should be accountable because you can't really have working agreements or trust if someone isn't good for their word. Especially in Amway where people are a large par of the business, you cannot operate on broken trust.

Ironically however, upline seemingly takes a pass on this accountability portion of the teaching. Think about this, people are paying good money and trusting the advice of upline because they believe that they will "succeed" in Amway if they take upline's advice and carry it out. Millions of people have spent billions of dollars on Amway tools and functions. They are told this is the vital key to success. As if upline advice is an oxygen tank and the downline would perish without it. All this while there is no fruit on the tree. The tree is bare. The upline used to say look at the fruit on the tree. I wonder if they use that term these days when the tree is barren?

My old LOS, "Worldwide Group" has fewer US diamonds now than they did 20 years ago when I was an IBO. Divorces and attrition in the diamond ranks have taken its toll. Where is the success that is supposed to be churned out by the foolproof system? Amway defenders like to point out the limited success of "new platinums" while ignoring that there are few new diamonds, and probably fewer diamonds than many years ago. Amway revenues dropping about 25% over the last 3 years suggest that there would be fewer diamonds and high pins if sales and revenues are down. But to this day, not a single diamond or Amway leader that I know of has ever even held accountable for their words. We were told that "core" is the key to success and that following it for 6 months assured an IBO of going platinum. But I know of people who did what upline advised only to fail and suffer financial losses.

Since the Amway leaders claim their tools are fool proof, it seems pretty cheap to push the sales of tools so hard when there is no bonafide evidence that the tools actually work. In a recent post, I pointed out how simple Amway is. That you buy and sell Amway stuff and sponsor downline. With a business that uncomplicated and "simple", there really is no need for continued ongoing training of downline, unless the purpose of that training is simply to provide the diamonds with a nice ongoing income.

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