Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Justifying Amway Failure?

One of the things I heard as an Amway IBO was how as an average working man, we tend to justify our existence. For example, we will tell others that "I'm doing okay", at least with respect to our finances. We justify our apparent lack of finances that way. So my upline would talk about building the business so that the money is literally pouring in. But based on my observations and some tangible evidence, we know that many diamonds and certainly those below diamond do not have money pouring in. In fact, I suspect many diamonds are in debt, and possibly living month to month. As much of a diamond's income is from annual bonuses, it's possible that a diamond's monthly bonus from Amway is quite small. It is why I have often said that many diamonds are likely living very middle class lifestyles while trying to portray a fabulous jet set lifestyle. It is why I feel that many diamonds are actually broke or near broke. When you do the math, it makes sense.

And if diamonds can get into financial difficulty, then certainly IBOs are also in trouble. Many recruits are in financial difficulty, or do not earn enough income, which is why Amway appeals to them in the first place. It is why Amway appealed to me at the time I was involved. Many are convinced that Amway will make them rich. While uplines may have said Amway is not get rich quick, the prospect must have been fed the line that they will eventually get rich, else why would anyone sign up in the first place?

But in the big picture, IBOs are no different than other people. They also justify themselves. In fact, many are taught to justify themselves. It is why I still see IBOs claiming that Amway saves marriages. One IBO recently made the age old claim that the world has a 60% divorce rate and WWDB IBOs have a 2% divorce rate. Well, I am certain that is not true. I would guess that in many cases, Amway is the very reason some couples get divorced. And actually, this would not be an issue if IBOs and their leaders would not claim it. I believe the divorce rate amongst WWDB diamonds is already higher than what these IBOs are claiming. But upline just covers up scandals and downlines ignore the lies and cover ups.

Another funny one is when IBOs claim they are helping people by building the business. How do you help someone by enrolling them in a business where they are nearly guaranteed to lose money? What do IBOs do that is helpful to others? While IBOs are at functions or prospecting, other people are doing community service projects or feeding the homeless. I challenge an IBO to explain how recruiting others into Amway is helping them. Many IBOs also believe they are nicer people as a result of their involvement with Amway. If true, then it is a nice benefit, except this is a business and a business exists to make a profit. How many would join if they were only going to accomplish everything but make money?

IBOs, are you succeeding or justifying yourselves?


Anonymous said...

When you're trapped in a mind-controlling MLM cult like Amway, you CAN'T admit the truth. Ever! You have to go on parroting the propaganda that your up-line has forced you to memorize.

Even if you are bleeding money every month, and maxing out your credit cards, and leaving bills unpaid, and filling your garage with unsold Amway crap, you HAVE TO KEEP ON SAYING POSITIVE!

This is why it is perfectly correct to call people in Amway "Ambots." They are no better than mindless robots.

Anonymous said...

Joe: if we had actual, trustworthy figures on the income of Amway Diamonds, we'd no doubt see that they are hardly in the "millionaire" class. They too would be living from month to month, with added bonuses from the rake-off of cash collected at Amway "functions."

Would some of them be millionaires? Yeah, no doubt. But even then their income would be heavily derived from non-Amway sources such as their jobs, their private investments, and their inheritances.

Only brand-new IBOs, with their heads still up their ass, think that Diamonds are super-rich, and that Amway made them so.

Joecool said...

What many IBOs do not know is that a diamond's income is heavily weighted in annual bonuses thus a diamond's monthly income might be only $5k to $7k monthly. (If they are not Q12 - Q12 is a rare exception and not common). I that's the case, diamonds who don't work and have kids to support are not living a jet set lifestyle of luxury and buying cars and ,Asians in cash. They are likely living check to check like the rest of the world, although they augment their income from Amway tolls such as functions and audios, etc.