Friday, September 14, 2018

There Are No Statues Of Critics?

I often heard the saying in Amway: "there are no statues of critics". To that I would respond, there are no statues of Amway diamonds either.

I often wondered what the Amway opportunity would be without any critics. Most likely Amway IBOs would be blissfully building their business while blindly following upline advice to over consume PV and Amway related tools and functions. If you are in WWDB, have you noticed that your upline is often tracking how many audios you are sending downline and how many people you have attending functions? This is done because upline is trying to plan and makes plans for their projected income. Do the math on a major function and you will easily see what I mean.

Many Amway supporters think that critics exist only to tear down others or to bash the Amway opportunity. I see it completely opposite. I believe that Amway critics are important for IBOs. Without any opposing voice, IBOs would mistakenly believe that they are in Amway utopia except that eventually, they would notice that they are losing their shirts. An opposing voice is a good thing to bring up issues that you may not have thought of. Imagine what you might be like without the ability to feel pain? You might have injuries or illnesses that would go undetected which could eventually kill you. But you upline probably teaches people to "avoid negative". Avoiding excessive negative might be good but avoiding all negative is like an inability to feel pain.

When I was an IBO, our upline (and many others apparently) claimed that nobody made any profits from the system (voicemail, books, tapes/cds. functions). Without any opposing voices, this might still be happening. IBOs had no way of knowing. Upline just told bold lies and got away with it. To this day, none of these "awesome" leaders have even been held accountable for the lies. The diamonds simply ignored it. Sure, they now speak about making some income from tools, but there is little transparency about how you actually qualify for a share and how much you get when you qualify. Why is that?

Critics have also pointed out that many IBOs are taught to ignore important facts such as their profits versus losses. Some IBOs are taught "fake it till you make it" or they are taught to "buy from yourself", both of which are ridiculous from a business standpoint. But without an opposing view, IBOs would never question upline. In fact, many IBOs are taught to avoid all negative such as don't watch the news or read the newspaper. In other words, upline wants you to be apathetic and only read and intake their Amway propaganda. This is why some people accuse Amway leaders of running a cult.

Think about this. I believe that having opposing views are vitally important for IBOs to consider. Valid criticism is good for IBOs who are serious about building their businesses. Constructive criticism is a good thing. If you consider good criticism as negative, just remember: As far as I know, there are no statues of Amway diamonds.


Anonymous said...

I think the great majority of persons who visit this blog are Amway IBOs, or former IBOs, or individuals who are trying to find a way to get their family members or friends out of Amway. So yes -- this blog is providing a crucial service to Amway IBOs, by giving them an undistorted view of reality.

Amway thrives on lies, fantasy, and false hopes. The entire ethos of the "business" is to trap unsuspecting persons into a perpetual cycle of financial loss, all for the benefit of up-line. It's very important that we have a blog like Joe Cool's, to hold a flashlight on this corrupt and phony racket, and to allow IBOs to see the actual truth about Amway.

Anonymous said...

The Amway freaks say "There are no statues if critics." Sigh. It's so typical of these assholes to think in soundbites rather than logically.

As a matter of fact, numerous critics are honored and remembered, sometimes with statues, and sometimes with honor and prestige. Samuel Johnson was a fine literary critic, and he is still ranked as one of our most important writers. So was Matthew Arnold, and so was T.S. Eliot. In the arts, the critic Clement Greenberg's work is still a profound influence in the art world. Northrop Frye was a critic of major importance, along with Kenneth Burke and William Empson.

So what the fuck are these Amway freaks talking about?

Anonymous said...

If only I could get my daughter, who is a current IBO, to just look at this site. But no, it is negative. Cant look at anything negative.

Anonymous said...

And as much as I DETEST Amway & WWDB, I hate to see the phrase "Amway freaks" on this site. My daughter is far from a freak. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and fell victim to this horrible thing i would call a homewrecker! Stole our sweet girl from us, and she only thinks she is doing a good thing..."helping families". She is not a freak . She had been BRAINWASHED!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 6:17 PM --

Look, it's time you faced the facts.

Your daughter has been captured by the Amway cult, and from what you say it looks like she might be in it for the long haul. Brainwashed? Yes. But she has also undergone a dangerous personality change that is typical of cult members. She has indeed become a "freak."

Your job now, as a mother, is to make a decision. Are you just going to come here and complain about the situation, or are you going to TAKE ACTION to get your daughter out of this nightmare? Stop telling us what a "sweet girl" she is, and how she wants to "help families," and how she "thinks she is doing a good thing." None of that matters now! Your child is rapidly becoming a malignant zombie. Are you just going to moan and groan and wring your hands about it here at this website?

You need to KICK YOUR DAUGHTER'S ASS. Don't enable her! Don't buy her rotten Amway products! Don't lend her money! Don't let her into your house if she is going to sing the praises of WWDB! Stop making excuses for her bad behavior by saying that the poor kid is "brainwashed."

Believe me -- when your daughter goes broke, she'll return to pursuing her nursing career, full-time. She'll have to. But you have to stop making excuses for her, and helping her.

Anonymous said...

Curious - for the Mom above or anyone else, where do IBO's find their potential prospects like the daughter above? And if someone joins Amway, does the company perform a background check before hiring? Many if not most companies and corporations conduct background checks before hiring for safety reasons and safety for all.

Anonymous said...

Amway does NOT conduct "background checks" for potential IBOs. You've got to be kidding, no?

All Amway cares is that you have a pulse and are breathing, and that you've got the initial cash required for joining.

Amway finds its new IBOs wherever it can. Amway freaks are willing to tell "the Plan" to anybody at all, anywhere, any time. This company depends crucially on exponential growth and recruitment, NOT on sales.

Anonymous said...

After the have exhausted their "list" of family/friends, the hang out in coffee shops, malls, target and randomly approach people and strike up a conversation

Anonymous said...

After the have exhausted their "list" of family/friends, the hang out in coffee shops, malls, target and randomly approach people and strike up a conversation

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I will (and have been) trying to get her out of this. Doing research, buying/reading books, having talks, showing her what I have found. I am not a stupid person, but I am NOT willing to risk completely losing her to them. I need to keep her close, So I have to plan this very carefully. But first and foremost I have put this in Gods hands. And I will NEVER EVER call or refer to her as a freak.

Anonymous said...

So Amway does NOT require background checks when you join. That means when you show up for a meeting with others that you do NOT know, you could be working with or spending time with someone that may have a criminal record? I am not saying everyone who joins amway has a criminal record or a shady background BUT if no one is checking, how do you know who you are working with including the upline and his or her background? Responsible companies perform background checks as a prerequisite to ensure that the person they are hiring has no criminal history or recorded events that are concerning. An IBO will approach strangers at a Mall or Target to discuss the "Plan" not knowing who they are talking to and then ask them to show up at their house for meetings? Really? Again many of you that are reading this blog are former victims of this pyramid scheme and nothing more but with no background checks, the probability that someone showing up with "issues" increases. With that said, does amway really care about your safety? No not at all. They only care about how much money you have to spend on over priced products to ensure uplines get paid from your purchases.

To the Mom, I agree that you daughter is a victim to this sick pyramid scheme. No doubt that the Amway freaks are trying to convert her. They are good talkers for sure. I agree with an earlier post: do not enable her. Do not buy the products, do not let family or friends buy the products, do not subsidize her involvement in this pyramid scheme in anyway. Make her pay her way when possible. I don't know her age or if she is living at home or not but allowing her to fail financially sooner rather then later is the best medicine possible if she is unwilling to listen to the facts about this scam. Like others have said, once she goes broke, she will soon see the truth and have to choose another career path. Make this painful journey shorter by NOT subsidizing her involvement with this scam. And hopefully it will be a one time lesson that she will remember for a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 4:51 PM --

OK, fine. Do it your way.

But while you're keeping your daughter close and trying to talk her out of this scam, guess what her Amway up-line will be doing? They'll be drumming their propaganda into her day and night, urging her to break with you. They'll be love-bombing her incessantly, convincing her that her real family is WWDB and that you are just a "negative dream-stealer." They'll be setting her up for marriage to some male Amway freak as a way to solidify their hold on her.

I hope you win the battle. But I'm not placing any bets on the outcome.

Anonymous said...

She does not live at home, and she does not ask for money from us. Most likely because she does earn a decent income from her job. Which is what is supporting this Amway business. I am just trying to play my cards right. If i am to harsh she might stay away and then THEY win.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments. Another person commented that i come to this site to complain. I come to this site for any bit of information or knowledge i can gather to help me to help her. Thats all. Sometimes we just need to find a place to talk it out with those who have experienced the wrath of Amway and WWDB. And they really do "love bomb" gifts, unending praise etc. Its sickening.

Unknown said...

To the person worried about his daughter in Amway, I feel for you. But like someone else said, it's going to be a tough challenge to get her out of Amway/ WWBD or whatever education system she is in. If you push to hard she might cut you off because uplines tell her to avoid negative people that don't support their business. Also,near the end of my time in Amway/ LTD I was at a nite owl and some 27 year old upline dude mentioned that the young girls in the group (early 20's and such) ask them who they should date etc. It SCREAMED CULT to me when his reply and reason for wanting them to check with them first is to make sure the girls don't "end up with a guy/ loser that will be working a JOB for the rest of his life". Because in Amway, making a honest living and working a REAL job is the worst thing in the world. " Winners" are people that scam people into being in a pyramid scheme and preying on their hopes and dreams to sell them on an unrealistic goal/ dream.

During my time in Amway this past summer (2018) my sponsor was a 21 year old college girl who was and still is very much brain washed by Amway and Leadership Team Development (the education system I was in). Now I am 30 years old, so I was skeptical the entire time and I picked up on all the cult/ pyramid scheme red flags right away, but stayed for foolish reasons that make me look like an idiot in hindsight. Your daughter will have to see that it is a scam for herself before she will leave. That means coming to the realization that the dream of retiring in 2-5 years at the age of 25 or something isn't going to happen with Amway.