Monday, May 6, 2019

Why I Think Amway Sucks?

In my informed opinion, Amway sucks donkey nuts. The products are average in quality but premium in price. That means IBOs are overpaying for personal use items. A good example is Satinique shampoo that costs nearly $10 for a small bottle. You can get a pint of shampoo for abour $3 at WalMart or Target. And you can argue quality but seriously, the products that are from WalMart or Target are just as good as Amway's stud in my opinion. And it has to be that way because Amway's generous 30 plus percent bonuses are included in products that Amway sells.

And to make things worse besides the poor value in products, Amway leaders teach a lot of self consumption so the IBOs get poor value and to top it off, so do any family, friend or customers who make any sympathy or genuine purchases. Not to mention that self consumption in this opportunity basically makes the Amway opportunity a product pyramid. The money flows upwards to the diamonds while the rank and file suffer financial losses.

To make it worse, the diamonds exploit the hopes and dreams of the faithful downline by selling them ineffective training disguised as the key to Amway succesS. But the fact is that there are few new diamonds. My old LOS WWDB has fewer diamonds now in the US than they did back whenI was an IBO. if Amway was so good, where is the fruit on the tree that Amway/WWDB leaders used to crow about? The WWDB fruit is diamonds losing homes to forclosure (Shores/Duncan), a triple diamond in chapter 7 (Duncan), and divorces (Kosage, Wolgamott, Danzik, Brooks). There might be more that I'm not aware of.

If you have obstacles to making money and also having to pay for ineffective training, it's easy to see why Amway sucks.


URASucker said...

I did a similar article in my blog. Here's the link if anybody wants to check it out!

I admit that Amway makes some solid products, but the lack of competitive pricing makes it hard for IBO's to flip customers from their original products. XS Energy is a great product, but nobody is going to switch their Monsters/Red Bull to buy a drink that's wholesale at such a steep cost.

If Amway had a competitive wholesale price, I could've sold them to parks, schools, and any other place with a concession stand but there's no way it would've gone over. They would've had to sell the product for way more than people were willing to pay.

URASucker said...

I posted something similar on my blog. Here's a link for anyone that wants to check it out.

If Amway had more competitive pricing, it would be a legitimate side gig. XS energy drinks are delicious but no one wants to pay that much money wholesale. If XS had a competitive price for selling those drinks wholesale, you could sell them to concession stands and what not, but they'd have to sell them for a ridiculous price at the rate Amway has. That's where the biggest problem for IBO's lies. You're competiting with WAL-MART. You better have something great or you stand NO CHANCE.

Experienced Emerald said...

The Amway business has the potential to be a good business. Unfortunately, there is so much money spent on training, voice mail and outdated tools that most IBOs will never see a profit. The pressure on people to spend money on product in order for uplines to hit goals is still a big problem. I am a very credible source of information. At one point I had 3 legs over 7500 points with 25 downline silvers, golds, and platinums downline. My wife and I had nearly 300 people attending functions and in nearly every case in order to get people over 7500 there were promotions run. Today many people qualify for levels by product loading. I would be willing to bet very few people would want to share their interest bearing credit card accounts publicly. As long as the idolized uplines continue to promote "good decisions" naive IBOs will continue to go into debt for the recognition and hope of future success. In any other business, consultants would advise you to find a new opportunity to pursue. I have not been active in Amway for 12 years now and still draw a monthly profit because of customers and downline volume. I spend (invest) no money into my business and the residual is great. If that were the case for everyone with no, tool, function or meeting expenses life would be good for all IBOs. If you are not making measurable progress in reasonable time, go do something else.

Anonymous said...

Also the Amway personal care products are very don't want that shit soaking into your skin, especially when you can buy all natural products without parabens and carcinogenic ingredients!!!

Anonymous said...

Amway sucks? That's an understatement, Joe Cool.

Amway sucks like a high-powered water pump! Amway sucks like a Las Vegas hooker! It is the pits, the worst, the most rotten of fake MLM businesses.