Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Your Million Dollar Business?

So many IBOs mistakenly believe they will work for 2-5 years, own a million dollar business and retire from their jobs walking the beaches of the world while cash rolls into their bank accounts. Sadly, most IBOs won't get anywhere near to the dreams they were sold as prospects in the Amway business. This in my opinion, is the crime in all of this. To fill someone's head with false dreams and hopes and then profit off them by selling them tools that will not help to fulfill those dreams. In fact, the cost of tools is what sometimes leads to financial ruin for some IBOs.

Most IBOs will never sponsor a downline and many IBOs will not even have a single customer. What kind of business can become wildly successful and profitable without a lot of customers? It seems that only in Amway and some other MLM offshoots do we see this warped teaching of buying from yourself as a means to become successful in a business. Many people, desperately wanting it to be true, will buy in and give the business a try. Then after a while when progress stall or it becomes painfully obvious that things aren't working out as promoted, they get discouraged and quit. Most quit and never complain, partly out of shame, or perhaps these former IBOs don't want to complain about the friends and family who sponsored them.

I would challenge prospects to go and look at a million dollar business. Go to the mall and see what some bigger businesses look like. Does your Amway business resemble it in any way? Do you have customers in proportion to a million dollar business? Heck for that matter, does your upline diamond really have what looks like a million dollar business or is their real business selling you standing orders and function tickets? It would appear that standing orders and functions are a million dollar business. Many unsuspecting IBOs are the customers of the tool and functions. Unfortunately, there is no unbiased documented evidence that the tools do anything other making your upline's wealthy.


Anonymous said...

More and more, I see that Amway is really a religion, and not a "business" at all, except for the higher-ups who profit from down-line losses.

When that lying creep L. Ron Hubbard founded his "Scientology" scam, he raked in plenty of cash from his deluded followers. But later on, he decided to make his movement "The Church of Scientology." This was largely to get tax exemptions, but it also served as a way to justify the irrational demands that he made upon members. You could demand "obedience" and "belief" and endless "tithing" from people if you draped it in the mantle of religion.

Amway actually does the same thing, but in a hidden manner. It holds up the promise of great riches, but in actual day-to-day practice it justifies all the expenditures of time and money as things that will "make you a better person," or "help you to help others," or to "save your marriage," or some similar bullshit that has nothing at all to do with a genuine business.

I think the key to understanding Amway is to see that it really is a cult -- a very evil and destructive one, just like Scientology.

Joecool said...

Execllent comparison. The opportunity begins with dreams and hopes but later evolves into being a better person or saving your marriage because the focus has to be taken off the dreams and hopes of money because IBOs are losing money each and every month, There's also the emphasis on how the money will be there wheton you get to your "level", which is BS. I got to 4000 and there was nothing because upline strongly advised spending (investing) all of it in tools and functions.