Thursday, October 24, 2019

Amway Groupthink?

I have read all of these posts. Interesting that everyone who supports Amway cannot spell very well. Lots of typos and grammatical errors in here by those who jump up and down reciting Amway's many virtues. It is a scam and a groupthink phenomenon of staggering proportions. From a psychological perspective, Amway does its best to separate people from those who would challenge its legitimacy and operations. This is not unlike how Hitler or any other leader would silence opponents or dissidents by having them "removed" from the equation. Same thing goes here, Amway teaches people to ignore and remove obstacles and people who challenge the system, even if said challenges are completely rational and offered by people with the IBO's best interest in mind. It hits IBO's in soft spots for family, friends, and freedom (the 3 F's), and it entices them to focus on emotional reasoning rather than very cognitive-based, rational dissection of information. 

Amway IBO's are taught emotionalism, not rationalism. From a business perspective, it is a farce. IBO's are no entrepreneurs, as they wear the collars of their uplines. Over and over, I have been told to do as my uplines say. What if my upline is a total moron and I have a law degree and an MBA?? I'm supposed to follow these uplines?? According to the system, yes, the uplines' words are paramount. So no, IBO's are not entrepreneurs and do not gain any real experience. IBO is a fancy name for distributor, pure and simple. 

I had the opportunity to meet a number of "diamonds" and "emeralds" recently, all of whom had either left the business to get real jobs or were still struggling bringing in about $30,000 per year. Many of them are posting massive losses, and by the way, the IRS does not consider pro-suming OR tickets to a convention (to hear Yager scream at you) to be business expenses. Good luck trying to recover those losses. It is a pyramid scheme simply because mathematically and considering the law of averages, a downline cannot really earn more than his upline. It just doesn't happen - it's a nice idea, but it doesn't happen. I worked through multiple scenarios with a friend, trying to see how I could out-earn my upline, and we found several variables that would keep that from happening. 

Finally, on a personal level, this Amway monkey business cost me a great friendship, an IBO who decided that taking a chance on some crazy dream was more important than those who loved him most. I think he will continue prospecting and pushing "the plan" until there isn't anyone left. If you know someone in Amway or who is thinking seriously about it, you need to realize that they will soon be lost. Amway people are very much like crack users (very similar psychopathology, actually), and they will choose Amway over you, their family, their friends, and anything that gets in the way.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. Amway is about emotion over reason, groupthink over independence, and compulsive addiction over rational choice. It is a dangerous mind-control cult.

There is really is no other explanation as to why so many IBOs stay in the racket for years and years, losing money endlessly. And when you try to reason with them, they reflexively and glandularly recite the same old tired Amway slogans and jargon-phrases. They lose their homes, their jobs, their marriages, their friends, their relatives, and their freedom -- but they still defend Amway to the bitter end.

I've noticed in the comments threads here and at other anti-Amway sites that some people who have left the Amway racket still speak up in favor of it! How insane is that? It's like saying "Yeah, I was beaten and tortured in a concentration camp, but I think those Nazis did have the right idea about a lot of things..."

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comments. The positive comments are because the IBOs are taught to be positive. The spline would say "even if" you end up not succeeding in Amway, you can still learn about business, how to be a nicer person, be a better husband, etc. As if that was a reason to start a business. In the end, it's all BS.