Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ashamed Of Amway?

To this day, I still see people who like to hide the Amway name when recruiting others. I believe this tactic has been a major factor in why Amway has a bad reputation in North America. When I was recruited, I was lied to as well. I was invited to a "beer bust" only to find out it was an Amway meeting.  To be polite, I never complained about it during the meeting, but I went home that night thinking WTF was that? They lie to us and then expect us to join the business. And to this day, I believe this practice continues.  

Over the years, IBOs have tried all kinds of ways to disguise the Amway opportunity. It was network marketing, e-commerce, online shopping mall and the corporation even changed Amway in North America to "Quixtar" at one time. Sadly, the name change to quixtar did not work, probably because the same tactics were used when recruiting new IBOs into Quixtar. Amway eventually changed the name back to Amway. I believe this bad reputation in North America is why Amway seems to be enjoying the most business growth overseas where people either do not know the Amway name, and likely because there haven't been enough former Amway/AMO victims to soil the name in other countries.  But conversely, Amway sales tanked for a while and apparently only started a minor recovery recently.  

So Amway IBOs, how can you expect someone to trust you and do business with you if you are deceitful or outright lie about the Amway opportunity? Are you ashamed of the Amway name? If you are ashamed or scared to drop the "A bomb" on people, how will you ever be able to show any plans, let alone sponsoring anyone into the business? My former sponsor used to tell our group that the biggest challenge is overcoming the name Amway. To be fair, Amway the corporation is not the only reason for the bad reputation. It is the unethical and bad behavior of IBOs that lead to a bad reputation buy on the other hand, it's not the like Amway police have been cracking down and visibly taking action against the violators so Amway is also guilty to some degree. 

Conversely, people who come right out and talk about Amway are unlikely to net any decent results either because of the past reputation. It's an almost no-win situation for IBOs and prospects. For these reasons, I believe it to be nearly impossible to build and maintain a group, especially if your goal is to reach diamond. It seems as if more diamonds have left Amway in recent years than there have been new diamonds. I believe this to be spot on for WWDB, my former LOS. So IBOs, are you ashamed of Amway? If not, why are there still so many IBOs using trickery and deception in recruiting prospects?


Anonymous said...

The recent made-for-TV series "On Becoming A God In Central Florida" is really the sign that Amway's reputation is now mud. When your name is so bad that TV writers can make up a satirical comedy about you, you don't have a chance to redeem yourself.

The series makes use of all the dopey jargon that Amway IBOs use -- "stinking thinking," the just-over-broke "JOB," "leadership and mentorship," -- all the crap that Amway con-men have been spouting for decades.

A TV show like this would not have been possible unless the conviction that Amway is a scam and a bullshit operation were not firmly fixed in the public mind. TV writers depend on what is already common knowledge and opinion.

Anonymous said...

Th entire Amway mindset and operational technique is about AVOIDING FACTS.

You avoid the fact that the name "Amway" is now poisonous. How? By never mentioning it, or only mentioning it in passing at the end of your shpiel.

You avoid the fact that 99% of IBOs never make a dime in Amway. How? By focusing your attention on a handful of big pins giving slide-shows at a function.

You avoid the fact that almost no one listens to you or joins your down-line. How? By calling them "broke losers" who aren't worthy to be in Amway.

You avoid the fact that no significant business training is given to IBOs at Amway functions. How? By calling these functions "motivational leadership rallies."

You avoid the fact that you as an Amway IBO are bleeding money every month, without making a profit. How? By claiming that these are "normal business expenses."

You avoid the fact that many of your family members and oldest friends now steer clear of you like the plague. How? By deciding that these persons are "negative influences" that have to be excised from your life.

You avoid the fact that your next-door neighbor is making a lot more money than you at his job. How? By saying that he is "Just Over Broke" and will be penniless at the age of 65.

d patel chicago said...

i was IBO one time...Reading this story brings me to memories of Amway/Quixtar night mares!!and deceitful tactics,lies and what not..I do not know why the Amway/scamway is still in business...why people don't get it...?Its because a sucker born every second...
people are gullible ,greedy and fall for scams..looking for short cuts ,there is no short cut..
stay away from Amway..and particularly the teachings/tools are the main culprits crippling your mind into it..