Monday, May 4, 2020

The Diamond Con Artist?

A recent visitor comment mentioned that a diamond us basically a con artist.  Com is shirt for confidence.  They get you to trust them with small talk, building you up and eliciting your goals and dreams.  Once they get you there, suddenly they try to close the deal by saying you can’t afford to open a real business so Amway makes sense and with their nearly foolproof system you can’t go wrong.

They may start you out with a few free audios or meetings but the bar gets raised soon enough.  You’ll be told that a real business owner needs to invest in their business.  An investment into learning about the business and how to build it.  You just need to be reachable and open minded and follow the foot steps of your upline leaders.  Ironically many IBOS call their upline mentors when in reality, they are con artists working a scam.

In a way, they’re not much different than any run if the mill scammer.  You get the prospect hooked and get them to hand over money.  One difference is that the upline just takes smaller amounts but on a regular basis via their system of books, audios, functions, meetings and other educational materials. If IBOS actually prophesied and many were profitable, my opinion would be different.  Instead the masses contribute to the diamonds lifestyle with the irony being that the IBOS treat the diamonds like rock stars and worship them.

The vast majority of IBOs make nothing or lose money.   Some people lose a lot of money.  What’s worse is the diamonds apparently don’t care that many are hurting and possibly jobless due to the covid19 pandemic and they continue to exploit their due line by running online functions but charging the same price.  But in the end, the Amway business is person to person and typically face to face.  I can’t imagine any useful teaching coming from upline.  Not that normal functions have useful teaching.

In the end. it is my informed opinion that Amway diamonds operate just like con artists.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, there is no need to be coy. It's not a matter of opinion. Amway is most definitely a con-job, and one of the most sophisticated nature.

The reason it tends to work is that many of those who are conned by it STAY CONNED, even when they know that they are losing money steadily. We both know of people who have been ripped off for years but who still stubbornly and stupidly defend the Amway racket, no matter what you tell them. How long has your dentist friend been in it? How many losers keep showing up to those idiotic functions, when all they are getting is a ten-buck monthly refund check?

An Amway freak will defend these people by saying "They still have HOPES, and a DREAM!" But that is unadulterated horse shit. They don't have "hopes and dreams." Tney've been CONNED! And when you don't realize that you have been conned, you are the victim of what the old-time grifters and snake-oil salesmen called "the perfect con."

If you're still in Amway after several years of steady losses you're just an asshole. But who knows -- maybe that's what you were born to be.