Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What’s Happening In Amway?

Our country and my state are in shut down mode due to the covid 19.  We are allowed to exercise outdoors and to run errands for food, banking, doctor appointments.  People are being ticketed, fined and could face jail tube for failure to comply with the shut down rules.   I really miss going out fir lunch and dinner but that’s another story.

I’ve gotten done feedback and messages that some Amway groups continue to fleece their faithful down line by continuing to run functions, albeit via teleconference but at the sane price as an in person function.   If you are an IBO or prospect, even if you believe in Amway, what can you do with information learned?  You can’t go out to prospect safely nor will you be able to run and/or build a business under the current social conditions.

But it ticks me off that Amway leaders are so shameless that they continue to take money from their down line in a potential depressed economy where a lot of people are losing their jobs or having less work due to the pandemic.  It suggests to me that diamonds are desperately trying to pay their own bills by fleecing people who trust them.

Aren’t the diamonds supposed to be filthy rich ?   Aren’t they living in the lap of luxury?  Yet here they are taking money from people who can likely least afford it to keep their scam going.  IBOS are not churning out new successes with regularity.   Where are all the new diamonds and emeralds?  They don’t exist.  We mostly see the sane old diamonds over and over while the multitudes lies money chasing what they think is a dram but in reality is a scam.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess with all of their riches, Amway IBO's can just ride this coronavirus thing out with no problem. Yeah, right.

NotAnAmbot said...

I am also wondering what is happening to the Amway and all the IBO (LOL) in their various training groups such as World Wide Dream Builders, LTD, URA, etc. In the United States, this virus has shut down coffee shops, malls, and department stores which are the main locations amway downline try to recruit people. They can try grocery stores but most people don't want to be approached during this time by someone trying to scam them. And most downline can't go to social media as most have already ran through that list of folks when they first joined the scheme.

They also can't meet in hotel conference rooms anymore and their big functions are also canceled and everything is being streaming online. They uplines have to be hurting since some of their downline may have been laid off from their jobs and can no longer afford the 300-400 dollar a month ditto for Amway products and the tool scam like audios, books, and such. I am really curious to hear how Amway folks are trying to spin this pandemic. No one in their right mind would sign up for this during a time where people are trying to save money instead of waste in on a pyramid scheme. The amway defenders have been silent but if anyone has any idea of what's going on in the various groups let us know. I am genuinely curious.

Anonymous said...

Amway was already having a problem signing up new IBOs in North America. With this epidemic, recruitment must be grinding to a halt.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving company.