Monday, September 20, 2021

An Amway Defender, A Shameless Lying Amway Shill?

I decided to re-post this article about "IBOfightback.  He was Amway's biggest defender, but mostly what looked like lies and misinformation.  During my encounters with this clown, he seriously appears to lie through his teeth.  In my contacts with him, he's claimed to be an internet specialist, a psychologist, business expert and Amway expert.  He's made other claims about being a social scientist, behavioral scientist and other unverified claims.   I was wondering what happened to him so I recently googled his name.   He is now claiming to be an epidemiologist on twitter.  Now I suppose he could be accredited in all these fields but I find his social media claims to be highly suspect, much like his Amway claims.  I will completely retract this article if he can verify his claims.  Hey David, when did you become an epidemiologist?   Did you study that after you achieved financial freedom from Amway?

There's no doubt that IBOFightback, AKA IBOFB, AKA Insider, AKA Icerat, AKA Insider201283, AKA David Steadson is easily the most prolific defender of Amway on the internet. Any comments about Amway send him running as if the comments are some sort of "bat signal" that prompts him into action. He literally has tens of thousands of comments all over the internet in defense of Amway, MLM and recently, Herbalife. He even went so far as to say that Karen O'Neil, the rules administrator for  was wrong and that he was right. His lies and propaganda still sit on many blogs and forum. The now defunct Qblog forum had many of his most shameless lies, but unfortunately, I didn't save screen prints.

Now Mr. Steadson claims that he is not paid for his defense of Amway and other MLMs, but a recent site visitor here made some comments that has me thinking. He said that he was at an Amway meeting recently where the IBO leaders are encouraging IBOs and prospects to visit Mr. Steadson's website to get information about Amway and about critics so they can avoid critical websites. Now Steadson has ads on his website and the ability to accept donations. It could be possible, I suppose, that Steadson earns some income from the ads and augments that with donations from brainwashed IBOs who view him as some typs of authority figure in Amway. He would be like a Kiyosaki. Someone who isn't really building Amway (and maybe not capable of doing so) but is able to profit (directly or indirectly) by promoting Amway. If a diamond told their group to visit the website and donate a few bucks, I could see it being a fairly nice venture for the Amway shill.

What Amway IBOs and prospects do not recognize is that many of Mr. Steadson's articles are nice anecdotal stories and most of his work doesn't reflect the reality that the vast majority of IBOs are going to make nothing or lose money regardless of how hard they work. Out of those who work very hard, the vast majority, probably more than 99% lose money. Mr. Steadson also downplays the tool scam. The real business of Amway is selling cds and functions. Pretty much only those who profit from the functions make any real money in Amway. The tools and functions have a much larger profit margin and only a few qualified people share in the profits. It only makes sense that significant income is derived from the tools.

The Amway shills will have you believe that "anyone" can succeed in Amway. That is just as true as "anyone" can win the lottery. The reality is that very few, less than 1% of IBOs even reach platinum, And only a tiny fraction of platinums ever reach diamond. And those who reach diamond often cannot sustain it. People are not making livable income from Amway. People are not walking away to collect residual income from Amway and the business is a near assurance of failure. That is the "Truth About Amway".


Anonymous said...

The basic truth about Steadson (IBOFB) is that he is a small-time operator who drifts from place to place, putting on a show about his nonexistent credentials and expertise. His various claims to being a psychologist, an internet specialist, and now -- incredibly -- an "epidemiologist" are evidence that he is just a lying windbag.

He doesn't seem to have a role in defending Amway now, at least not on the wider internet. But the idea that he runs a special niche-market website for Amway IBOs to show up and be indoctrinated is absolutely in line with the guy's methods. He's paid to keep the money flowing upwards from lowly IBOs to big-pins and Diamonds.

He's learned his lesson, and doesn't try to argue directly anymore with anti-Amway or anti-MLM fighters. He's had his ass kicked so many time that he probably can't sit down.

Joecool said...

IBOFB is a lying Amway shill. But the epidemiologist he claimed to be on twitter took the cake. I was thinking this guy can't be serious. But yeah, his self proclaimed expertise seems to shift to whatever subject he is on at the time. It's really amazing.