Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Rose Colored Glasses?

 One of the things Amway IBOs get attracted to is how uplines will promote traditional family values. They may talk about the "Leave it to Beaver" days where the man works a job and the wife takes care of the home and drops the kids off at school. While some of these values are great, they are not reality in today's world. The speakers at some Amway meetings may recruit others by saying you can have this out of the box lifestyle if you will only build your Amway business. This gets the wives or girlfriends excited as they would love to not have to work a 9-5 job.

Ironically, an IBO's desire for more time and money, more often than not, will result in less time and money for an IBO and the IBO's family. They will take time off to show the plan, attending countless numbers of meetings and to attend functions. They also have other meetings and night owls, and open meetings where they recruit prospects. They are taught to "delay" gratification, but many do not realize that they are permanently delaying gratification by participating in the "systems". Sadly, the vast majority of people in Amway, will never receive any monetary gratification. More likely, losses will be the net result.

An IBO's belief is often compartmentalized into thinking that showing the plan, listening to standing orders, submitting to upline's advice and attending all functions will result in guaranteed success within 2-5 years. Anyone who speaks a differing opinion of this is "negative" and should be avoided. Sadly, those who put forth such dedication and invest in the system are rarely rewarded with success. Even those who achieve the platinum level may often find that the net profit they realize is less than a minimum wage job with the same number of hours put forth. And maintaining a platinum level is a daunting task. Is this the success you seek?

My former sponsor achieved the platinum level in less than two years, but he never achieved Q12 status, and he never went beyond the platinum level. He has been involved for nearly 20 years now, and last I heard, is below the platinum level. All of that work and effort and I wonder if he even has a net profit of $1.00 for all of his efforts? I suspect he's got net losses of money and time for all of his efforts. It's a waste of your life, a waste of your time.

Yet, many IBOs continue to see the world through rose colored glasses, thinking that they will succeed if only they will never quit. They disregard the fact that 2-5 years has come and gone. They do not see that their bottom line is nowhere near what they were led to believe. But they believe that Amway will be their financial savior, even though there are facts and red flags pointing to the obvious reality that they will never achieve what they initially set out to achieve.

I hope my blog will get a few IBOs to take off the rose colored glasses for just a second.

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Anonymous said...

Saying "Never quit!" is like banging your head against a solid stone wall and thinking that you will eventually break a hole in it.

But that's the whole thing about Amway. It's based on FAITH and HOPE, nothing else. Those stupid young IBOs have been brainwashed to think that as long as they keep on plugging away at the meetings and the recruitment and the functions, they will surely get rich some day. And even though they are losing money steadily, month after month, it never occurs to them to stop. think, and QUIT.