Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Do You Own A Joke (Amway) Business?

 I hear Amway supporters often mention that you will have a real (Amway) business if you treat it like one. It is my informed observation that most IBOs do not treat their businesses like a real one, despite following the advice of their trusted upline. It is also my opinion that the Amway business itself is flawed and many IBOs, in their zeal to sponsor downline, do crazy things at times, such as tricking people into meetings or being deceptive about what they are doing. Many IBOs never sell a single product and never sponsor any downline. How can anyone build a business under those conditions? Yet that is the most common experience for newbies.

Many IBOs do not bother to qualify their prospects. They will sponsor anyone who is breathing. It could be due to uplines making the business seem easy. For example, I have heard that going platinum is so easy that someone's dog can go platinum. Another mistake IBOs make is they do not look at the likelihood of an IBO succeeding. They will sponsor anyone, anywhere. Like real stores, opening a new one creates competition and I don't know of any IBOs who take this into consideration before recruiting a new prospect. The solution to a faltering business is apparently to attempt to open more "Amway stores" despite a lack of sales. Or the solution is to buy more tools and training, as if spending more money will help a faltering business.

New recruits are also encouraged to partake in the teaching system, regardless of their expectations and business goals. This participation in the system is what often leads to IBO failure and business losses. They spend more on tools than what they generate in income. This heavily contributes to the poor retention rate among IBOs. Even IBOs who can progress and make some money will be channeling their profits to upline by their tool consumption. It is my informed opinion that an IBO must reach the 4000PV level or platinum level before they start to break even. And If I might add, according to Amway's stats less only about 1 in 400 IBOs reach the platinum level so you are already facing overwhelming odds just to reach the break even point in Amway.

Here's the real test for an IBO. Walk into a bank. Speak to a loan officer and show the loan officer the 6-4-2 or 9-4-2 plan, whichever plan your group uses. And see if the loan officer will grant you a business loan based on that plan. It is more likely that you be laughed out of the bank. Seriously, the plan only makes sense, apparently to people who are unable to properly evaluate a business plan. That's because the presentation is more about selling dreams and hopes than about business and actually generating a profit.

Do you have a real business or a joke?

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Anonymous said...

The only persons who own an Amway business have the last names of DeVos and Van Andel. Everyone else is just an employee, in one way or another.

You want to know the sort of person who joins Amway? Here's a thumbnail sketch of his characteristics:

1. He's fairly young, not especially well educated, and living in some rural area or suburb.

2. He's not had a lot of success in any line of work, either salaried or independent.

3. He doesn't have any real talents or interests, but instead is just worried about cash.

4. He's a bit over-emotional, and usually connected with some evangelical sect.

5. He's very susceptible to manipulation by way of speeches and exhortations.

6. He desperately wants friends and acquaintances.

7. He has tremendous respect for businessmen and business rhetoric, and wants very much to be a businessman himself -- even though he pretty much doesn't have a clue as to what a real business requires.

8. He's overly trusting, and will believe almost anything.

That's the typical Amway target.